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 Yoga Classes in Laval Quebec

Hatha Yoga Laval Yoga Style: Hatha

Laval, Quebec
514 238-6063
Contact:Anne-Marie Send Message
Certified teacher from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Canada-India Classes for all levels students. 1760 Pierre Péladeau CENTROPOLIS Laval

See Hatha Yoga Laval Website

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Montreal Yoga & Chant Festival Yoga Style: Kirtan Yoga
435 de L'harmonie
Laval, Quebec H7A4E7 Map of Location
514 945 5179
Contact:Lea Longo Send Message
The Montreal Chant Festival held yearly at Concordia Loyola Campus on 7141 Sherbrooke West is a festival where people can come sing, do yoga, chant and just BE happy. It’s about celebrating life and connecting with yourself and your yoga community through a rich cultural, social and musical experience. When we chant, we connect within. It’s called a “kirtan” which is an ancient yoga but relatively new to Montreal where people chant in a call and response fashion leading to blissful state or “inner peace’.

With the vision of keeping the festival local, most of our musical artists are from Montreal.

Family-friendly yoga, including kids yoga, will be offered by renowned yoga teachers.

See Montreal Yoga & Chant Festival Website

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 Yoga Classes in Roxboro Quebec

14 kilometers Away

Maitri Yoga and Meditation Studio Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal, Personal Yoga Instructor,
89 14eSt
Roxboro, Quebec H8Y 1M9 Map of Location
Contact:Shauna Larson ND Send Message
A Yoga studio dedicated to inspiration and transformation through the union of yoga and meditation. Private and semi private instruction and practice. Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga. Personal guidance.Naturopathy, Holistic healing.

See Maitri Yoga and Meditation Studio Website

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 Yoga Classes in Saint-Eustache Quebec

25 kilometers Away

Yoga Pour Tous Yoga Style: Hatha, Yoga chaud, prénatal, post-natal,
98 Desormeaux
Saint-Eustache, Quebec J0N 1G3 Map of Location
Contact:Gaëlle Cosnuau Send Message
Centre de Yoga pour tous , adultes, bébés, femmes enceintes, enfants, famille, méditation et Yoga en plein-air , retraites de Yoga , ateliers spécialisés et boutique . Cours aussi offerts sur mesure en entreprises, Dans les écoles et les garderies ...

See Yoga Pour Tous Website

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 Yoga Classes in Westmount Quebec

16 kilometers Away

Yoga Plus
1361 Greene Avenue
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2A5 Map of Location
Contact:Jana Lackman
Yoga Plus offers a wide choice of classes. You may hear our current schedule by phoning 514-937-0948. Six different teachers offer their own special teaching styles. Beginners are always welcomed.

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 Yoga Classes in Pointe Claire Quebec

21 kilometers Away

illuminartyoga Yoga Style: Sivananda
233 Sainte-Claire Ave
Pointe Claire, Quebec H9S4E3 Map of Location
Contact:Sue-Anne Hickey Send Message
Beginners classes, intermediates and prenatal yoga classes. Enjoy the energy of a classical style of yoga and completely relieve your stress. Through the breathing exercises (pranayama) and the postures (asanas) we work at gradually increasing flexibility, strength and developing an overall sense of well-being through holding the postures and deep relaxation. The outcome is a very deep, peaceful, balanced, floating feeling.

See illuminartyoga Website

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 Yoga Classes in Montreal Quebec

13 kilometers Away

Mom&Baby Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Yoga Style: Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
Equilibrium 4812 BOUL ST-LAURENT ST, suite 101 (corner Villeneuve) Montreal
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R5 Map of Location
(514) 261-9642
Contact:Jayme Hernandez Send Message
Become certified to confidently and adequately teach Mom & Baby Yoga. Receive essential tools, safe techniques and knowledge to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of mother and child. Learn a holistic, integrated, organic, yet structured approach to offering yoga to infants and their parents.

See Mom&Baby Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Website

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Yoga On The Park Yoga Style: Kripalu
5582 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec H4A 1W3 Map of Location
514 712 9642
Contact:Joanne Ransom Send Message
Beautiful serene studio, overlooking the park, with a full schedule of hatha yoga classes(Kripalu, Anusara) for all level,including pilates classes. We also offer community meditation, workshops and retreats in the country.Our approach is a holistic system of self development, integrating body, mind, and spirit. We focus on developing strength and flexibility, grounded in an awareness of being in the present moment, allowing for the expression of our authentic selves. Our teachers are certified and have years of experience , approaching each student uniquely and skillfully. Check our website for upcoming events.

See Yoga On The Park Website

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LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda School for the HealingArts Yoga Style: Hatha
3-3717 Rue St Andre
Montreal, Quebec H2L 3V6 Map of Location
Contact:Liilamaya - Liliana Send Message
At LilyPod Yoga we aim at restoring balance of body and mind through Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga Retreats, healthy workshops, cooking classes, Ayurveda products, lifestyle Therapy programs, massage therapy, healthy tips, asana for your type and more… We bring ancient knowledge to the modern Yogi.

See LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda School for the HealingArts Website

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Kinéson Yoga Style: Gaiayoga, Sound Yoga

Montreal, Quebec
+1 438 936 9700
Contact:Anna Takahashi Send Message
Kinéson A unique combination of sound and movement, designed to help you listen, explore, and develop your full potential.

The gentle movements and postures enhance the flow of vital energy throughout your body, stimulate your learning ability, and help you deal with new situations with more ease and less stress.

The vowel sounds that you chant raise your vibrational frequency and allow you better access to inner peace and the wisdom of your body.

Kinéson adapts to your abilities and your needs. It’s the ideal prelude to all your activities.

Kinéson is rooted in the Yoga of vowels, joint freeing asanas (pawanmuktasana), archetype movements, Brain-Gym®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®…

Anna Takahashi has dedicated herself to Gaiayoga and the daily practice of conscious sounds since 1997. SInce 2007, she teaches the Yoga of Vowels in Montreal, France, Germany and Japan. Over the years, she integrated in her teaching archetype movements, Brain Gym®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®…, giving birth to Kinéson.

See Kinéson Website

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Centre de Kundalini Yoga EK Ong Kar Yoga Style: Kundalini Yoga et Pilates
8394 Lajeunesse
Montreal, Quebec H2P 2E6 Map of Location
(514) 385-5367
Contact:Sabine Gauvin ou Yvon Villeneuve Send Message
Come and join our community for Kundalini Yoga classes and Pilates!

See Centre de Kundalini Yoga EK Ong Kar Website

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Centre de Kundalini Yoga Ek Ong Kar Yoga Style: Kundalini yoga
8394 Lajeunesse st
Montreal, Quebec H2P 2E6 Map of Location
(514) 385-5367
Contact:Yvon Villeneuve Send Message
Teacher Training level 1 in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan Start January 2014, 6 weekends and 1 week in Ashram in Québec region Training given in French

See Centre de Kundalini Yoga Ek Ong Kar Website

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Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe Yoga Style: Pilates - Yoga - Fusion Pilates - Core Strength Yoga
378 Saint-Zotique street East
Montreal, Quebec H2S 1L7 Map of Location
1 514 224 69 73
Contact:Karine Lydia Bergeron Send Message
Founded by Karine Lydia Bergeron, a Fusion Pilates and Yoga instructor, an ocean and beach lover, adventurous and passionate entrepreneur, the mission of Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe is to provide a place dedicated to the support your health and enrich your personal development to enable you to exploit your full potential. Welcome to your well-being adventure! The studio, Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe, offers several health and wellness services to promote, your balance as physically, mentally and emotionally. The multidisciplinary approach allows you to find what you are looking for and more health and wellness!

See Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe Website

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Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe Yoga Style: Pilates - Yoga - Boutique - Escapades - Fitness Retreat
378 Saint-Zotique street East
Montreal, Quebec H2S 1L7 Map of Location
514 224 6973
Contact:Karine Lydia Bergeron Send Message
Founded by Karine Lydia Bergeron, a Fusion Pilates and Yoga instructor, an ocean and beach lover, adventurous and passionate entrepreneur, the mission of Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe is to provide a place dedicated to the support your health and enrich your personal development to enable you to exploit your full potential. Welcome to your well-being adventure! The studio, Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe, offers several health and wellness services to promote, your balance as physically, mentally and emotionally. The multidisciplinary approach allows you to find what you are looking for and more health and wellness!

See Espace Aventures Beach Bum Tribe Website

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Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage Yoga Style: Thai Yoga Massage
5870 Waverly St
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2Y3 Map of Location
514 270-5713 or 1-800-585-5713
Contact:Kam Thye Chow Send Message
Training and certification information in North America. “Thai Yoga Massage” by Kam Thye Chow (Inner Traditions, 2002): a fully illustrated book that covers the history, spirituality and Ayurvedic values of Thai massage now available in all major book stores. Thai Yoga Massage Video with Kam Thye Chow: Learn the fundamentals of how to give a one hour massage. New course available: Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Therapy. Custom designed mats for Thai Yoga Massage.

See Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage Website

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260 Bernard W
Montreal, Quebec H2v 1t4 Map of Location
Contact:Caroline Frenette Send Message
We are an innovative yoga-wear boutique that specializes in the ready-to-wear realm of yoga clothing and accessories (thus our name that fuses yoga with pr't-porter!) We sell beautiful clothing that flows perfectly from the yoga/pilates mat to the sensuality of the dance studio to lunch with friends all the while hitting every note in style, elegance and comfort. Fashion and Flare magazine journalists have coined the perfect name for our store's creator Caroline Frenette and her fashion-disciples: the yoganista - in one word, the yogini and fashionista are finally understood to be the same woman! With a core emphasis on ecological, fair-trade, locally-made creations we also offer the connoisseur some of the most celebrated and fresh brands from Europe and the U.S, providing our clients an alternative to generic athletic wear that can create that dizzying clone effect in the neighborhood yoga class! Online store will be up soon. Orders can be made by phone or email. We welcome you to join our newsletter for upcoming news!


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YOGANATURE Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga / Iyengar / Restorative / Meditation
5464 Chabot
Montreal, Quebec H2H 1Z2 Map of Location
Contact:Francine Aubry Send Message
Yoga Nature offers yoga workshops, yoga retreats, corporate yoga and private classes.

Francine Aubry teaches since 25 years. She has a rich background in dance and martial arts as a choreographer and teacher . She has made her way on her path through various means: studies, choreographic creations, stage performances and travels. Through the course of this process, Yoga came into her life as the next natural step. Since 1998, she has devoted herself to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is currently working in Montreal where she teaches classes and workshops and she also runs retreats overseas.


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Integral Yoga Institute Yoga Style: Integral Yoga Hatha
5425 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec H2v 4G9 Map of Location
514 271 1633
Contact:Susheela Bouthillier Send Message
Integral Yoga was founded by Swami Satchidananda and opened it's doors in Montreal in the early 1970's. We offer classes in Integral Hatha yoga and meditation in French and English.

See Integral Yoga Institute Website

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Art of Living Foundation Yoga Style: Sri Sri Yoga, Hatha Yoga
5337 Boul. St. Laurent, Local 350
Montreal, Quebec H2T1S5 Map of Location
Contact:514-475-9074 Send Message
Learn classical yoga in its purest form with our certified Sri Sri Yoga teachers.

See Art of Living Foundation Website

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Lotus Palm - Massage School and Spa Yoga Style: Thai Yoga Massage
5244 St. Urbain
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2W9 Map of Location
Send Message
The Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage is the North American leader in the teaching of this holistic therapy that bridges yoga, massage and ayurveda. We offer certification programs in Thai Yoga Massage and in Ayurveda & Thai Yoga Therapy, as well as continuing education courses like Prenatal Thai Yoga, Anatomy, and Energy lines. C.E.U's accepted by Yoga Alliance and major massage association.

See Lotus Palm - Massage School and Spa Website

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Lotus Palm Yoga Style: Thai Yoga Massage
5244 St-Urbain
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2W9 Map of Location
(514) 270-5713 Send Message
It is possible to learn something of great value in 10 days that can change your life and start you on a new career.

Over the last twelve years, our school has successfully trained thousands of Thai Yoga Massage practitioners and set them on the path towards establishing a successful business of their own, and with outstanding results!

There is only one main prerequisite: Metta, the ability to express loving kindness, which is engrained in all humankind. Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage will bring out the best of this passion in you and make it possible for you to be a professional Thai Yoga Masseur.

That does not mean that after 2 weeks you are done learning; indeed our Training Program consists of 3 levels and 6 courses. However a great advantage of the Lotus Palm system is that you are able to benefit yourself, help your clients and start your business almost immediately.

See Lotus Palm Website

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Resource Yoga Yoga Style: Yoga Therapeutics School
5141 St-Denis
Montreal, Quebec Map of Location
514 576 7247
Contact:Carina Raisman Send Message
Re:source, Montreal’s premiere school for Yoga Therapeutics, provides tools and techniques allowing you to create a sustainable health care system, and the basis for a happy, healthy life. Re:source guides you towards clarity, health and balance by applying modern medical research to the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Through education, insight and the exploration of these principles, our passionate therapists deepen your understanding of how Yoga enhances your life.

See Resource Yoga Website

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Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
5178 St-Laurent Blvd.,
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R8 Map of Location
(514) 279-3545
Send Message
Headquarters of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Teacher Training Courses, courses on meditation, ayurveda, hatha yoga, vegetarian cooking, chanting and more. Daily drop in yoga classes and satsang. Year-round Yoga Vacation programme.

See Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Website

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Boutique & Studio Yoga-à-Porter
100 Avenue Laurier Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2N7 Map of Location
Contact:Caroline Frenette Send Message
Yoga-à-porter™ has opened its doors in the vibrant Mile-End district of Montreal. With it’s opening, owner and creator Caroline Frenette presented a new approach to active wear by creating a boutique where customers can find clothing that blends stylish elegance, versatility and comfort. Yoga-à-porter™ offers a way to dress that supports your lifestyle – a harmony between the love we show to our bodies in yoga, exercise and various forms of meditation and the taste we cherish in how we present ourselves to the world.

See Boutique & Studio Yoga-à-Porter Website

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Tout en douceur Yoga Style: Hatha yoga, yin, hormonal, prénatal
4741 Fabre
Montreal, Quebec H2J3V7 Map of Location
Contact:Corinne Dussouchet Send Message
yoga classes (hatha yoga, yin yoga, yoga nidra, yoga for women, prenatal & postnatal), workshop, outdoor retreats, wellness, Shiatsu massage

See Tout en douceur Website

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Equilibrium Yoga Style: Kundalini, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Pilates
4812 St-Laurent, suite 101
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R5 Map of Location
514 843 9642
Contact:Sat Narayan Kaur Send Message
Experience total well being... Equilibrium offers yoga classes in Kundalini, Kundalini Meditation, Kripalu, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Pilates, Prenatal, Kids Yoga and a yearly Kundalini Teacher Training program.

Equilibrium exists to inspire and empower individuals to achieve well-being and happiness using the ancient and time tested methods of Yoga and meditation. We provide you with an opportunity to tap into the vast potential of energy, peace and goodness that lies within all of us.

See Equilibrium Website

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YOGA DE L'ÉVEIL Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga pré-postnatal, Yoga 55a
4847 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec H2V 2W6 Map of Location
Contact:Guylaine Demers Send Message
Yoga de L'éveil, votre havre de paix au coeur de l'avenue du Parc. Un lieu de découverte et de créativité où il fait bon se poser pour une rencontre avec soi, guidé en toute sécurité par des professeurs et thérapeutes expérimentés ayant à coeur votre bien-être.


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idolem Yoga Style: hatha vignasa karma
6660 decarie
montreal, Quebec h3x2k4 Map of Location
514 738 9642
Contact:514 738 yoga (9642) Send Message
Notre mission est de vous plonger dans l’univers incroyable du Yoga

our mission is to plunge u in a state of mind that is incredibly zen in the univers of yoga

See idolem Website

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Yogaspace Studio Yoga Style: Kripalu, Prenatal
L'Esprit, 5252 de Maisonneuve West, #100
Montreal, Quebec Map of Location
(514) 933-8671
Contact:Clearlight Gerald Send Message
Kripalu yoga classes and workshops offered at beautiful bright Yogaspace Studio, located in NDG/Westmount. Kripalu Yoga classes, and specialized group instruction in Pregnancy Yoga, Couples Childbirth Preparation and Mom & Baby Yoga. Please see website for details and to read more about the classes and teachers.

See Yogaspace Studio Website

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Son of the Wind Yoga Yoga Style: Anusara
4315 Clark
Montreal, Quebec Map of Location
Contact:Robin Golt Send Message
Anusara Yoga with Certified Anusara Yoga instructor Robin Golt and guest teachers in Montreal. Ongoing classes, workshops and trainings available. Anusara Yoga is one of the fastest growing systems of hatha yoga, in which the art of the human spirit powerfully blends with the science of biomechanics. Deeply transformative and spiritually uplifting, Anusara Yoga integrates the celebration of the heart with Universal Principles of Alignment and balanced energetic action in the performance of asana. Anusara means flowing with grace, following your heart. Classes are dynamic, uplifting and fun.

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Moksha Yoga Montreal Yoga Style: Moksha (hot)
3863 St.Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y1 Map of Location
Contact:Dina or Sara Send Message
Moksha Yoga's mission is to create a safe, calming space in which to practice a yoga series that inspires, relaxes and energizes. Our studios are built and maintained with the highest respect towards the environment and we are committed to supporting and being part of our community. We guide with passion and knowledge. Our series is an intense physical flow of postures that is done in a heated room.

See Moksha Yoga Montreal Website

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Yogasanteplus Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga - Yoga prénatal - Yoga thérap

Montreal, Quebec H1W3J3
514-598 1530
Contact:Swami Saranyananda Saraswati Send Message
Hatha Yoga classes with Swami Saranyananda Saraswati (Satyananda tradition from Népal), Certified member of the International Yoga Federation and Federation Francophone de Yoga.Yogasanteplus is located near the Olympic stadium in Montreal east.

Different coaching methods are available for everyone’s needs, from the initiation, more dynamic and advanced courses, to the more personalized and private therapeutic approach like yoga Prenatal, yoga nidra, anti-stress meditation and therapeutic yoga for back pain, digestive system, joints, immune system, etc. Group, private and corporate programs.

Asanas Instruction manual (PDF format) is included in the courses fees, and the Sun salutation manual free online for everyone. These Instruction manual are designed to help you progress in ours classes, to increase your knowledge and improve your practice at home.

See Yogasanteplus Website

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Espace Nomad : Yoga and Massage Therapy Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Hatha, Individual
3630 Saint Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, Quebec h2x 2v4 Map of Location
Contact:Julie Mercier Send Message
Espace Nomad is a new centre devoted to the art of yoga and massage therapy situated at 3630 Saint-Laurent Boulevard in downtown Montreal. We offer small personalised classes in a warm environment. Check our web site or call for more details! Service in English and French.

See Espace Nomad : Yoga and Massage Therapy Website

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Yoga Sangha Montreal Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal, Postnatal, Tea
3437 St-Denis
Montreal, Quebec H2X 3L1 Map of Location
(514) 499-1726
Contact:Sylvie Tremblay Send Message
For eleven years, the oasis in Montreal. Sangha Yoga Center offers classes for all levels. Hatha yoga, vinyasa, relaxation, prenatal, postnatal, senior.

See Yoga Sangha Montreal Website

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Yoga du Village Yoga Style: An alignement based practice
1412, rue Panet
Montreal, Quebec H2L 2Z1 Map of Location
514 499-2935
Contact:David Flewelling Send Message
Yoga du Village offre des cours de yoga basés sur l'alignment, de groupe ou privés. À l'aide d'accessoires tels que chaises, blocs, courroies et autres, cette forme de yoga redresse la ligne de gravité du corps. Cette pratique à la fois dynamique et ciblée du yoga vous permettra de mieux connaître votre corps et votre esprit.

Located in the heart of The Village, Village Yoga offers an energetic practice based alignment and Vinyasa methods with a strong focus on stamina, strength and flexibility. The groups are small giving more attention to each individual's needs.

See Yoga du Village Website

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Espace GD Yoga Style: Hatha Flow
1200 Amherst Suite 102
Montreal, Quebec H2L3K8 Map of Location
Contact:Naeco Send Message
Espace GD is a new trendy studio offering Yoga classes right in the downtown Montreal area. Experienced instructors tailor the classes to your level while adding their own personal touch. Do your Yoga pauses on our beautiful Art Galery floor or our trendy Fitness floor. Our Wellness Center has for mission to bring health to individuals and communities. Come try our classes for free!

See Espace GD Website

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Ashtanga Yoga Montreal
372 ste-catherine west suite 118
montreal, Quebec H3B 1A2 Map of Location
514 - 875 - 9642
Send Message
Ashtanga Yoga Montreal offers daily Ashtanga flow yoga classes, morning Mysore practice, workshops with local and international teachers, Acro-Yoga fusion courses, meditation courses and Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training programs. Come enjoy yoga with us in the heart of downtown Montreal! Along with the AYM team, studio directors Allison Ulan, Eugene Poku, and Jessica Goldberg would like to welcome you to our beautiful urban sanctuary, a place where you can practice yoga in-depth, and meet with likeminded individuals. May Yoga Benefit All.

See Ashtanga Yoga Montreal Website

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Joy of Yoga Studio Yoga Style: Kripalu
460 Ste. Catherine St. West, suite 403
Montreal, Quebec h3b 1a7 Map of Location
Contact:Kelly McGrath Send Message
JOY of YOGA classes are taught in the Kripalu tradition in a beautiful, and uplifting atmosphere. The practice is a creative and lively vinyasa flow, which emphasises precise alignment, mindfulness, compassion and freedom. This freedom allows you to comfortably challenge yourself at your own pace, and leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to the world around you. Workshops, advanced studies, buddhist meditation and yoga teacher training.

See Joy of Yoga Studio Website

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Avigna Yoga Yoga Style: Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Power Yoga, Restora
Montreal, Quebec Map of Location
Contact:Lauren Rudick Send Message
Yoga for all ages, levels, lifestyles and bodies! Private classes, group lessons, workshops, events

Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Yogalates, Yoga for Hockey players, Injury recovery.

With a strong focus on alignment and hands on adjustments, Lauren creates fresh and exciting sequences that will invigorate the spirit. Borrowing elements from Tai Chi, Budokon, Pilates and various yogic disciplines, Lauren can accommodate any level of athleticism, strength and flexibility. Anyone can practice yoga- all that is required is to step on the mat and open the mind.

See Avigna Yoga Website

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Nurture Yoga Therapy Yoga Style: Therapeutic Yoga: Prenatal/Postnatal
4366 Melrose
Montreal, Quebec H4A 2S6 Map of Location
(514) 261-9642
Contact:Jayme Hernandez Send Message
We offer Therapeutic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga Therapy, Mom&Baby Yoga, Birthing Workshops and Yoga Teacher Training; Prenatal and Postnatal.

See Nurture Yoga Therapy Website

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Vidalia Yoga Yoga Style: Kundalini, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa,Pre-Post
5276 Notre-Dame-De-Grace
Montreal, Quebec H4A 1K9 Map of Location
Contact:Sean D'Amico Send Message
Located in Montreal's Notre-Dame-De-Grace (NDG), Vidalia Yoga is a small, creative and intimate space which offers practitioners Kundalini(with Gong relaxation), Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin and Restorative yoga systems as well as Ayurvedic consultations and Shiatsu massage therapy.

Yoga is a science that uses exercises to move and connect your muscles, nerves and meridian points and works to stimulate the glands in order to fine tune the body and mind for optimized health.

Yoga classes are offered throughout the week so be sure to drop by the studio:

To be fit, To be creative, To be inspired, To be, just to be

Please visit our web page for schedule and event updates.

See Vidalia Yoga Website

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YOGA AVEC / WITH SUZANNE! Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (BILINGUAL)

Montreal, Quebec
Contact:Suzanne Miscevic Send Message
You need help with your concentration? You want to relax more and appease your mind? OU you may want to become more flexible and develop endurance and strength? OR you may be recovering from an injury, an operation or an illness and need to start exercising again? HATHA YOGA is there to help promore overall well-being, flexibility and health in general. Feel free to contact me for information on CORPORATE or PRIVATE classes.

Vous avez besoin de plus de concentration? Vous avez besoin de vous détendre plus et d'apaiser votre esprit? OU vous aimeriez être plus flexible et développer plus d'endurance et de force musculaire? OU vous voulez vous remettre en forme de façon graduelle suite à une blessure, une maladie ou une opération? Le HATHA YOGA est là pour favoriser la santé et le bien-être de façon globale, ainsi que la flexibilité. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'information concernant les classes de yoga en ENTREPRISES ou en PRIVÉE.


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Ananda Amrita Dance Creations Yoga Style: Nritya Yoga- Yoga of Dance

Montreal, Quebec
Contact:Amrita Choudhury Send Message
Video Clip:

Nritya Yoga (Yoga of Dance), a course inspired by the movement, dance and yoga traditions of India! Yoga (Jyog, jo:g?) and Indian Sacred/Classical dance are inseparable. Both disciplines have common roots that date back to the ancient times. It is believed that the sacred scriptures were handed down to us through expression, postures, movement and rhythm of dance; a dynamic form of yoga!

The therapeautic advantages of Nritya Yoga are many. The eye movements invigorate the blood vessels behind the eyes, the mudras (hand gestures) touch upon many of the 4000 nerve endings on our finger tips which affect the nervous system. The feet positions touch upon the acupressure points affecting the nervous system. The postures bring structure and balance to the body, and work on the right and left brain functions simultaneously. The breathwork improves the flow of oxygen, and finally the powerful visualizations enable the practitioner to become one with the posture, become one with oneself. The sacred Nritya yoga postures and mudras (symbolic hand gestures), flow from one posture to another smoothly like dance. Nritya Yoga involves sacred dance, yoga and movement / dance therapy, and is designed both for women and men. No experience is necessary, one is encouraged to go at their own pace and level. Experienced practitioners, can take their yoga practice to a different level. In Nritya Yoga, Amrita goes back to the ancient Indian philosophy of Yoga and dance, and brings this knowledge back to a contemporary setting of today?s life. Nritya Yoga: A joyful union of the body, mind and spirit in soulful motion with discipline and grace!!

See Ananda Amrita Dance Creations Website

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Hatha Yoga Shala Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga taught in the Shadow Yoga sty

Montreal, Quebec
Contact:YOGA WITH RADHASRI Send Message
Shadow Yoga, created by Zhander Remete, makes use of methods and practices common to Hatha Yoga and the internal martial arts, as well as utilizing the principles of Marmasthana, (the Indian system of 108 vital junctions of the body) to achieve rhythmical form and unobstructed movement of vayu.

Radhasri (Rhonda Fogel) has taught yoga full time since 1998 and ran her Vancouver based yoga studio for 8 years. She is currently the only approved Shadow Yoga teacher in Canada.

See Hatha Yoga Shala Website

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YOGA EN COUPLE Yoga Style: Yoga & Ayurveda

Montreal, Quebec
(514) 806-4258
Contact:Geraldine Garcia-Alonso Send Message
Stress Management Services for professional couples using the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda. We provide information, tools and support to help you and your partner reconcile work and personal-life through the development of a more harmonious relationship with stress. Our services include: * Workshops for couples - 4hrs. workshop - 80.00 per couple - Next workshop: Introduction to Yoga and Ayurveda for stress management - July 25th, 2010 @ NDG * Individual sessions: Ayurvedic Thai yoga massage and Prenatal Thai Yoga massage (60min-$60.00 & 90min-$75.00) Receipts for insurance purposes available. For additional information, please send me an e-mail

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Unicite Yoga Yoga Style: yoga detente; yoga regulier; yoga dynami

Montreal, Quebec
Contact:Manon Palardy Send Message
Unicité Yoga propose des séances de yoga en entreprise. C'est une occasion de réduire le stress et de donner la chance à tous les employés de participer à une activité saine et établie selon les besoins spécifiques du groupe. Le yoga est issu d’une science millénaire reconnue pour aligner le corps, l’esprit et le mental. Il aide à prévenir l’absentéisme au travail et contribue à optimiser le potentiel des participants dans leurs activités régulières.

See Unicite Yoga Website

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sweat-n-stretch Yoga Style: Hot yoga wear

Montreal, Quebec
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Men`s and Women`s Hot/yoga wear. Our garments are proudly made in Canada. We use high quality fabrics that dries faster than cotton, is shrink resistant and is cottony soft. Meant to be worn by active people as well as yogis and yoginis!

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Multuhealing Center

Montreal, Quebec
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A holistic space to heal your mind body and soul.

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Shunya Yoga Yoga Style: Raja Yoga, Tantra Yoga

Montreal, Quebec
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Shunya Yoga is a science for the expansion of consciousness towards awakening to one’s true nature and freedom from the causes of suffering. Through the use of asanas (physical postures), pranayam (breath control), mudras (seals), bandhas (locks), and kriyas (purification exercises), the first part of the work involves purification of the mind and body as preparation for the next phase of meditation. It is in meditation where the process begins of bringing the activity of the mind to a stillness. As the mind gradually becomes silent, the energy of ones awareness turns inwards onto itself from the conscious, to the subconscious, to the unconscious, to ones own original nature. Once the mind has become absolutely silent, then there arises a glimpse into that which is not of the mind, but is the very source of the mind. It is this state of consciousness which is the state of Yoga (“Union”).

After coming to awakening, the final phase of the work is to integrate one’s enlightenment in daily living, as there can be no freedom outside of life itself, nor can there be life outside of freedom. The path disappearing into the pathless, the method disappearing into the methodless, life becomes an expression of one’s own naturalness which is in direct communion with the whole existence.

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Paul Broomfield

Montreal, Quebec
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Corporate yoga, private classes, yoga flow

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Dojo Studios Yoga Style: Diyva Hatha and Somayog
6591 Somerled Ave.
Montreal, Quebec H4V 1T1 Map of Location
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Every Tuesday 10am - 11am .... $10 / Class .... Styles: Diyva Hatha and Somayog ....

Ruth Elizabeth Wani

When she was a child, growing up in India, her grandfather gave her her first yoga lessons. Now, as an adult she has practiced Yoga for over 17 years and has never felt more satisfied. Having had worked within challenging work environments over the years, she is dedicate to supporting others on their yoga path and well-being. She truly feels a passion for yoga because she has seen its invigorating, encouraging, healing powers. She is a certified Yoga Teacher in Diyva Hatha and Somayog, with years of experience in guiding people with an effective teaching style.

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Centre Yoga Plus Yoga Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Flow
372, Notre-Dame West
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1T9 Map of Location
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Since October 12, 1999, Centre Yoga Plus offers to eveyone yoga classes all week in Old Montreal. Centre Yoga Plus is focused on personal growth and pays attention to everybody's rythmn through a teaching that is flexible and well adapted to each person's evolution, the goal of which is the relief of daily stress. Welcome to everybody! We also offer Pilates and Introduction to yoga classes in order to broaden the body-mind-spirit awareness. Our next introduction to yoga I classes from May 6th to Juin 17th, please subscribe

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RanaWaxman Yoga Style: Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Relaxation Consultant, Private
2100 Marlowe #339
Montreal, Quebec H4A 3L6 Map of Location
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Rana specializes in private consultation, for management of pain, stress, psychosomatic ailments, migraines, insomnia...Corporate classes combine pranayama and centering techniques, an energizing and strengthening flowing sequence of asana, meditation and relaxation. Rana is registered with Yoga Teacher's Alliance and certified in the healing arts of massage, reflexology, acupressure, reiki, energy balancing, neuro-muscular and myofasial techniques to release pain, manage stress and bring student into his/her own state oof inner equilibrium. HEAL THE BODY. RELAX THE MIND follow on twitter @yoginiqueen

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Luna Yoga Yoga Style: Jivamukti, Yoga Flo
231 St Paul West, suite 200
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2A2 Map of Location
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Founded in 2003 by Jennifer Maagendans & Jason Kent, Luna Yoga is an environmentally-conscious, community-based yoga studio nestled in the heart of Old Montreal. Offering active and dynamic Yoga Flo and Jivamukti classes, the studio houses a calm and welcoming atmosphere in which students are encouraged to explore and discover their yoga path.

Open 7 days a week, we aim to offer a unique approach to yoga that incorporates peace and joy into the invigorating and challenging Vinyasa-style (flow) practice. With an emphasis on breath awareness, alignment, and spiritual studies, our goal is to leave students with an overall sense of bliss and peace, partnered with a deep connection to the earth and to each other.

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