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 Yoga Classes in Rome
Odaka Yoga Odaka Yoga website Yoga Style: Odaka Yoga Odaka Yoga
Largo Fregoli 8
Rome 00197 Map of Location
Contact:Francesca Cassia Email Odaka Yoga
Odaka Yoga founded by Roberto and Francesca is an original and innovative vision of yoga though respecting a millennial tradition. A full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of life with awareness, joy and empowerment. Our belief is living and sharing the yoga practice in and out of the mat, to create synergy and synchronism, promoting self and green consciousness, developing a deep respect for all living creators. Our vision is to create a universal approach and unity of purpose not only within the Odaka Yoga teachers, but also between various schools of differing Yoga styles through an international network of exchanges and events in common. Roberto and Francesca lead their classes through a “liquid” yoga approach, each wave-like move to overcame barriers or limiting beliefs, where emotional flexibility opens students up to endless possibilities for both body and mind. Their motto is: “ We are not here to do yoga, we are here to become yoga”. For Roberto and Francesca yoga is a lifestyle, energy in motion a total idea both on –and-off the mat. This methodology and message has produced a vast transformative potential for people worldwide

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AshtangahOMe AshtangahOMe website Yoga Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Private
Via Merano 21B
Rome, Rome 00124 Map of Location
Email AshtangahOMe
Mysore'style and led classes for beginners and advanced practitioners. Private lessons are available in Italian and English.

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ego-yoga ego-yoga website Yoga Style: True Power Yoga- Anusara yoga - Ashstanga yoga- True Vinyasa
via Cola di Rienzo 152
Rome, Lazio 00192 Map of Location
Contact:Marika Moretti Email ego-yoga
The first yoga school in Italy were you can find several yoga styles, and the unique school in Europe about TRUE POWER YOGA for Teacher Training and Seminary.

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Yoga in Trastevere
via Natale del Grande, 27
Rome, Rome 00153 Map of Location
Contact:Joan Geller Email Yoga in Trastevere
Teaching over the past 35 years . Studied personally with luminous 20th century masters: Iyengar, Vanda Scaravelli, and Desikachar. Personalized work , only one on one sessions, specializing in stimulating a personal independent practice. Support for medical situations. Small groups for pregnant women. Studio in the heart of historic Rome. Teaching in both English and Italian.

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Nike Yoga Nike Yoga website Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga
ROME, Rome 00186 Map of Location
+39 338 386 11 21
Contact:Nike Magnoni Email Nike Yoga
Nike Magnoni has a 15 years experience in Hatha Yoga practice following Iyengar and Ashtanga styles.Since 2005 she has been studying and practicing Anusara Yoga in Italy and abroad and she completed the Teacher Training course. -

Classes for all levels, group and individuals, therapeuic yoga. Workshops, retreats, yoga vacation in Italy and abroad. Rome:MOVES FITNESS CENTER - Via dei Coronari 46 (close to Piazza Navona) Sutri(Vt): Via Cassia 7 - (located in the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri)

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Yoga in English in Rome Yoga in English in Rome website Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow,Tantra Yoga, Meditation
Monteverde Vecchio
Rome 00152 Map of Location
0039 339 402 66 28
Contact:Amrita Tiana Auer Email Yoga in English in Rome
Yoga classes for individuals (privates) couples, groups, corporates.

If you can breathe, then you can practice yoga!

Your yoga practice adapts to your body, your daily needs, your energy and your mood. Here is some of the benefits of yoga:

- Soothes the nervous system... and the mood - Improves metabolism, digestion and elimination - Creates strenght and flexibility - Balances the breath and blood circulation - Provides a sense of peace and harmony - Develops self-love and love for others - Improves the quality of your sleep (excellent against insomnia) - Strengthens our self-confidence - Increases our life energy, "prana" - Makes joyful, cheerful - Awakens our intuition and creativity - Prepares to meditation ... and many more!

Yoga creates a joyful sense of being, a loving energy inside of us, a new perspective that we can naturally share with others, bringing more peace and lightness in our life. Namaste!hy a private Yoga session?

So that your yoga practice fits your schedule and meets your daily needs. You don't have to adapt to yoga, yoga adapts to you!

A private class is powerful when you want to:

- Reduce stress symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, tireness or chronical pain - Recover from an injury or a sickness and you need specific postures and special attention - Learn easy breathing techniques to purify the mind, relax and soothe the nervous systemn - Improve your digestion, get a slimmer body and develop your felxibility.

I am a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher with more than 460 hours' training with Yoga Alliance international teachers.

I come to your place at the best time for you and with a little bit of discipline, in a few weeks you learn the basics of a home yoga practice that you can take with you anywhere, any time. NAMASTE

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Sukhjeet Kaur Sukhjeet Kaur website Yoga Style: Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga
v. Madesimo 22
Rome 00135 Map of Location
Contact:Roberta Sukhjeet Kaur Nistri Email Sukhjeet Kaur
Private Yoga Training, also small groups or single. Class groups: Hatha yoga back healing

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Anusara yoga inspired Anusara yoga inspired website Yoga Style: Anusara yoga inspired
Via Poliziano,69a
Rome 00186 Map of Location
+ 329 1475814
Contact:Laura Casini Email Anusara yoga inspired
Classes for all levels, therapeutics and private lessons. Classes in english. funny and deep.

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Ma Anand Mauna Yoga Style: Iyengar

Rome, Rome 00100
Contact:Ma Anand Mauna Email Ma Anand Mauna
Group and individual classes. Practice makes the difference

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Arcobalenobimbiyoga Arcobalenobimbiyoga website Yoga Style: Yoga per Bambini e Famiglie

+39 347 8878662
Contact:Anthony Trahair Email Arcobalenobimbiyoga
L’apprendimento nelle nostre lezioni è basato sul gioco e il divertimento. I benefici dello yoga sono innumerevoli!

Già dalla giovane età, i ragazzi sentono spesso molta pressione e stress intorno a loro, in famiglia, nella società, a scuola, nello sport, etc. Lo yoga è un ottimo rimedio.

Il nostro Yoga per bambini è un modo divertente per sviluppare abilità importanti in un’atmosfera non-competitiva che incoraggia i bambini a rilassarsi e divertirsi, sviluppando non soltanto forza, coordinazione, flessibilità ed equilibrio ma anche consapevolezza del corpo, maggior lucidità mentale e concentrazione.

Oltre l’immenso beneficio mentale e fisico, la pratica dello yoga sviluppa il rispetto e la stima per se stessi, per gli altri e per l’ambiente.

Attraverso le posizioni, il respiro, i disegni, le canzoni ed i giochi i bambini imparano ad armonizzare interno ed esterno in un’atmosfera di divertimento. Lo yoga è divertente!

I ragazzi sono divisi in vari gruppi, a seconda dell’età, ciascuno dei quali ha una propria metodologia:

3 -6 / 7 -10 anni – lezioni di 45 minuti 10 -13 / 13 -16 anni – lezioni di un’ora

See Arcobalenobimbiyoga Website

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Chiara D'Ottavi Chiara D'Ottavi website Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga Integrale, Raja Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Rome, Rome
Contact:Chiara D'Ottavi Email Chiara D'Ottavi
Yoga courses and one-to-one lessons in Castelli Romani (Alban Hills) with teacher Chiara D'Ottavi. The courses are currently held in the towns of Frascati and Grottaferrata. Individual tuiton is held in a private yoga studio in a panoramic tower in the town of Montecompatri (it's possible to accommodate students overnight if needed). It is also possible to arrange individual or small groups lessons at the pupil's home, in Rome as well in Castelli Romani. The classes offer a particularly authentic, complete and blissful experience of this ancient science and art. Chiara has passionately praticed yoga since 1995 and has three different yoga diploma and certificates with the different centres she studied and trained: "Istituto Yoga Universale" (Rome) and International Sivananda Centres (Reith, Austria; diploma recognised by Yoga Alliance) in 2007 and in 2012 "Pramiti School" (Ventimiglia), this latter according to the teaching of Sri Satchinanda Yogi (the Silent Swami of Madras). Moreover, she has deepened her practice with important swamis, teachers and scholars on the several thoerical and practical aspects of Yoga, travelling to India several times, as well as the Usa, Canada and Nepal. She writes as a Yoga expert for several magazines and websites.

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IYENGAR YOGA & SHIATSU Yoga Style: Iyengar
via del Viminale,38 l'Albero
Rome 000100 Map of Location
0039 3495940406
IYENGAR YOGA TEACHER , SHIATSU PRACTITIONER, working 'one on one' and in 'group' set up.

Classes held in the center of Rome: -Chiostro del Bramante (next to P.zza Navona)// L'albero (in front of the Opera House).


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Yoga in Trastevere for Women Yoga in Trastevere for Women website Yoga Style: hatha, vinyasa
Via di San Francesco di Sales 1A
Rome, Rome 00165 Map of Location
Contact:Anni Ala Email Yoga in Trastevere for Women
All level Vinyasa classes for women IN ENGLISH! Now available in Trastevere @ Casa Internazionale Delle Donne. 1hour and 15minute classes for E12.00. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT. WOMEN ONLY IN THIS LOCATION! Tuesdays 19:30-20:45 Thursdays 19:30-20:45

See Yoga in Trastevere for Women Website

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Sadhaka Sadhaka website Yoga Style: Hatha/Integral/Scaravelli/Pregnancy

Rome, Rome 00100
0039 3316205535
Contact:Sarah Michon Email Sadhaka
YOGA LESSONS AND AYURVEDIC MASSAGES. Certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Sarah has studied Integral Hatha Yoga (Satchidananda), Scaravelli tradition, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga. Small group classes and "one to one" tuition. Also at your home and in your office. Gentle or dynamic Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Kids. Ayurvedic massages and treatments (Master of Ayurvedic Therapist).

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Yoga in English in Rome Yoga in English in Rome website Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow, Hata, Restorative
San Giovanni, Aventino, Centro Storico
Rome, Rome 00152 Map of Location
Contact:Amrita Tiana Auer Email Yoga in English in Rome
Private Yoga classes for individuals, couples, groups, corporate. If you can breathe then you can practice yoga. Your practice adapts to your body, energy, daily needs and the amount of time you have. Yoga positively affects all levels of your being:

- Physical: improves your metabolism, creates strength and flexibility, improves your digestion and balances your hormones

- Energetic: you gain more vitality, your life energy ("prana") is increased and you start feeling your own light

- Mental and emotional: you build inner strength and stability. You become more centered and self-reliant because you know how to take care of yourself. You learn to love yourself unconditionally.

- Spiritual: as your intuition grows, you start to make better choices in life. You feel more connected with yourself and others and with greater force, Existence. You might want to start a meditation practice.

Why a private Yoga session? So your yoga practice fits your schedule and meets your daily needs. You don't have to adapt to yoga, yoga adapts to you. A private class is powerful when you want to work on specific topics such as: - Reduction of stress symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, lack of energy/joy or - Chronic pain, postural reeducation or injury recovery (Powerful, from my personal experience!) - Relaxation: how to calm the “monkey mind”, soothe the nervous system and get deep rest - Weight loss: with a right diet, yoga helps you to make friends with your body again.

I am a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher (Yoga Alliance international RYT) with more than 450 hours training and international experience. I am from Geneva and studied with Jessica Magnin in Switzerland, Rod Stryker in Arizona/Colorado and other wonderful teachers such as Marc Holzman and Lance Schuler. I teach in English, French and Italian. In a few weeks you learn the basics of a home yoga practice that you can take with you anywhere, any time. NAMASTE

See Yoga in English in Rome Website

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Akalsaran Kaur Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Kundalini, ChildPlay Yoga, Children
via Lisippo 21. AXA. (near Piazza Eschilo)
Rome, Rome Map of Location
Contact:Akalsaran Kaur Email Akalsaran Kaur
Akalsaran Kaur is a Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. She has a deep passion for sharing the technology of Yoga, to help people of all ages to experience their potentials and develop.

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Gokul yogashala Gokul yogashala website Yoga Style: dynamic hatha, slow yoga, prenatal
via dei ramni 24
rome, Lazio 00185 Map of Location
Contact:Jani Jaatinen Email Gokul yogashala
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Lola Lhamo Healing Yoga Lola Lhamo Healing Yoga website Yoga Style: Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga. Meditation & Pranayama. Reiki & QiG
Palazzo Altieri near Pantheon & Piazza Venecia
Rome, Rome 00186 Map of Location
Contact:Lola Lhamo Email Lola Lhamo Healing Yoga
Yoga Intensive Programme in Rome Boost your energy and knowledge in this journey of yoga discovery. Immerse yourself to Himalayan Hatha & Kriya yoga and learn the science of meditation and pranayama, the yogic breath. Ask your questions about yoga & meditation, asanas & breath, and the benefits of yoga. The course is designed around your personal needs and aims to bring the knowledge for practicing yoga with awareness. It will also take you the next level of yoga experience. We will be discovering and practicing Sun Salutations sequence, looking into the depth of each posture. When ready, we will add more advanced asanas. In the end of the Programme you will understand each posture and will be able to practice yoga sequence with full awareness.

During the Yoga Intensive Programme we will be using the asanas from Himalayan Hatha and Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga – ancient Vedic knowledge passed through generations, science of breath and movement, focused on recharging the body with oxygen, slowing down the ageing process, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centres and transforming mind and body.

Himalayan Hatha Yoga – the science practised by ancient Indian Yogis. This yoga practice improves flexibility, strength and stamina, improves the posture, reduces excess weight, makes the movements easy and graceful.

We will also learn the foundations of Reiki and Qigong (Tao Cosmic Healing) – invaluable long-lasting healing skills which are easy to practice at any time of your life.

See Lola Lhamo Healing Yoga Website

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