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 Yoga Classes in Winston-Salem North Carolina

9.68 Miles Away 

Yoga Gallery Contact:Judi Maloy
534 N. Liberty St., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101 336-725-4119
Yoga Style: varied Send Message
The Yoga Gallery teachers blend the best of ancient wisdom with modern arts and sciences to create safe and inspiring yoga practices for people of all ages and abilities. In addition to Hatha and Flow styles ranging from novice through advanced levels, you will find a variety of specialty yoga classes to suit your individual needs. You?ll find prenatal yoga classes and yoga classes for children. You?ll find therapeutic yoga classes suitable for students with injuries or illnesses, including cancer. The Yoga Gallery regularly offers such auxiliary yoga practices as meditation, kirtan (chanting) and other community activities. If you?re interested in a type of yoga that?s not on our schedule or if would like to have something explained more, please contact Lynn (336-655-7047) or Judi (336-725-4119) and ask. We would love to find out more about your needs. You?ll find a expansive schedule and additional workshops throughout the year that allow you to deepen your practice and work with great teachers from in and outside the Triad. Yoga teaches you to work with both our limitations and our possibilities. With steady practice, you learn to both amaze and accept yourself. The Yoga Gallery is at 534 N. Liberty St. (in the Downtown Arts District), Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Visit

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Village Yoga Studio Contact:Bonnie Phillips R.Y.T. 500 hr
1055 northwest blvd, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101 336-997-1150
Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow / Ashtanga based/all levels Send Message
At Village Yoga Studio (1055 Northwest Blvd. Space 121 in historic Shell #1 Blding corner of Reynolda Rd & Northwest Blvd.), we are aware that we are all beginners whether we've practiced 20 minutes or 20 years. It is our intention to help you deepen your yoga practice by providing clear detailed instruction and guidance, along with hands on assistance and adjustments as you experience and explore the Yoga postures. Our classes are specifically designed to provide the support and assistance you need to fully realize the life affirming benefits of yoga practice. Recognizing that each time we practice we are all beginners will provide limitless opportunities for growth on and off the mat. Village Yoga Studio... a space dedicated to helping you find your own way on your yogic path

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tai ga do Contact:leon pollack
4314 Old Walkertown Rd, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105 336 331 2100
Yoga Style: kundalini Send Message
classes in Aikido, Chen Tai Chi, Judo and Kundalini Yoga.

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Yoga Gallery of Healing Arts Contact:Lynn Felder
534 N. Liberty St, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101 336-655-7047
Yoga Style: Integral, Anusara; specialty: Yoga for P Send Message
Lynn teaches classes in all levels of Flow, Mindfulness, Anusara-influenced and Restorative Yoga at the Yoga Gallery, 534 N. Liberty St Winston-Salem, NC 27101. visit She also teaches yoga for people living with cancer and chronic illness at Wake Forest University/Baptist Medical Center. She is the author of 2 dvds, "Yoga for Cancer Patients: Reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit," and "More Gentle Yoga for People Living With Cancer & Other Chronic Illness." Visit

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Yoga Gallery Contact:Jacob Felder E-RYT 500
534 N. Liberty St., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101 336-407-8602
Yoga Style: Meditation: The Awareness Approach™ Send Message
Ever find yourself sitting for a meditation and thinking, “How much longer” and “When is something going to happen”? If so, then Jacob is the teacher for you. There is a vast range of consciousness between normal waking consciousness and deep sleep. This range of consciousness is often referred to as the “Other Side of Consciousness”. The more you become familiar with this range of consciousness the more often you will move into the deeper states. Likewise, the more time you spend in the deeper states the more you will increase your potential for experiencing Samadhi, Nirvana, the Pure Conscious Event.... Jacob dispels the mystery of meditation by explaining how and why meditation works on a biological basis. When the mystery of meditation is dispelled you gain understanding and control. You will also learn the techniques necessary for increasing your awareness on the “Other Side of Consciousness” and begin attaining the deeper states on a regular basis. You have read about, heard about, and may have experienced the deeper states on occasion. There is no longer any reason to feel these states are unattainable on a regular basis. Jacob Felder uses a proven meditation teaching method, The Awareness Approach. He has successfully trained well over a thousand people during the many years of his teaching career. He experiences the deeper states of meditation on a daily basis and knows what life is like on the “Other Side of Consciousness”. Jacob is available for Skype, phone, or in-person instruction. Contact: 336-407-8602

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Mindful Movement Center Contact:Jean Marie May
1306 S. Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103 336.724.0333
Yoga Style: Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Barre Send Message
Mindful Movement Center offers Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise methods on the machines in addition to classes incorporating Gyrokinesis, Pilates mat, Barre Works and yoga. The overall goal within each of these techniques is to calm the mind with an inward breath and movement focus, concentrating on alignment with a balance of strength and flexibility. This creates relaxed and graceful movement patterns without the stress of dysfunction, overuse and injury.

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Gold's Gym Yoga Contact:Darlene Pruitt
3300 Reynolda Rd., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106 336-725-6228
Yoga Style: Hatha Send Message
Gold's Gym in Winston-Salem offers a variety of classes from basic to power and everything in between. Classes are held 6 days a week. Come try yoga at Gold's. Yoga packages are available at special monthly rates with annual agreement or join the gym and yoga classes are included.Compare our prices to any yoga studio and be pleasantly surprised. Our studio is beautiful and serene and allows one to feel they are leaving the rest of the world behind.

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Angel Bear Yoga - Yoga for Children Contact:Christi Eley
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104 336-766-1444
Yoga Style: Kid's Yoga Send Message
Children's yoga program for parents, teachers, yoga instructors and anyone that works with children! Our program focuses on the mind/body/spirit offering lessons with positive character traits and nature appreciation. Offering a full line of products including curriculum and online teacher training courses.

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New Planet Yoga Contact:Meghan Prior
Inner Strength PIlates Harper Hill Shopping Center 4893 Martin View Ln, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104 336 922-2955
Yoga Style: Eclectic Send Message
Now teaching classes at Inner Strength PIlates, Harper Hill Shopping Center. Current schedule includes Power Flow (Power Flow), Yogalicious (Intermediate flow), Beginner Yoga, Seated Yoga, and Yinside Out (Yin Yoga). Visit our website and learn about us, our mission and POV.

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 Yoga Classes in Jamestown North Carolina

10.12 Miles Away 

PhoenixWay to Holistic Natural Health Contact:Ken Pataky, MS, LPCA, CRC, RYT, CHHC
4058 Cobbler Court, Jamestown, North Carolina 27282 336-454-0426
Yoga Style: Integrative Yoga Therapy Send Message
Join me at my home in Jamestown, NC on Saturday mornings between 10:30am and 12pm for Integrative Yoga Therapy classes! Learn about asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), guided imagery, yin yoga (deep stretching), using props, how to develop your own home yoga practice, learning to listen to your body, protecting yourself while expanding your limits, deepening your connection to life and your self-confidence, using yoga to heal yourself, and more. Learn about chanting, kiirtan, and meditation. Come and meet new yoga friends, expand and deepen your practice!

See PhoenixWay to Holistic Natural Health Website

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 Yoga Classes in Greensboro North Carolina

12.21 Miles Away 

Ganesha's Yoga and Wellness Contact:Lauren Blount
7-A Dundas Circle, Greensboro, North Carolina 27409 336-655-3263
Yoga Style: Private, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, Prenatal Send Message
All of our classes are private to semi-private classes. No more than 15-students per class to one Instructor. Moreover, we offer 15-day, 21-day, and 1 year RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Trainings leading to Yoga Alliance RYT-200.

See Ganesha's Yoga and Wellness Website

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The Triad Yoga Institute Contact:Terry Brown
515 College Rd Suite 3, Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 336-851-0366
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Send Message
The Triad Yoga Institute's second location, dedicatated to the study, teaching and practice of Yoga.

See The Triad Yoga Institute Website

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Joel Bennett Contact:Joel Bennett
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 336-327-1186
Yoga Style: Vinyasa Flow Send Message
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Yoga with Nancy Contact:Nancy Thornton
1012 Bradbury Drive, Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 336-855-3002
Yoga Style: Ashtanga and Beginning Yoga Flow Send Message
I contract with the Cultural Arts Center in Greensboro to teach at their studios. I also teach at Triad Yoga and UNC-Greensboro. I love to teach Ashtanga because it is such an intelligent combination of postures. Not everyone can do Ashtanga however, so I have developed a beginning form that works the body completely from top to bottom (standing postures to inversions.) You can also contact me at or as an instructor with Triad Yoga at

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The Triad Yoga Institute Contact:Terry Brown
3940 W Market St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27403 336-851-0366
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Send Message
The Triad Yoga Institute, dedicated to the study, teaching, and practice of Yoga, is available to all for the purpose of awakening consciousness through physical, mental and spiritual development. The teaching of classical Yoga brings with it a vast array of physical and psychological benefits. Although Hatha Yoga develops strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and stress reduction, it is also an opportunity to tap into the vast resources of energy and peace and goodness that is within and around us all.

The Triad Yoga Institute hosts the 10 month, 200 hour Triad Yoga Teacher Certification Program, one of the most thorough certification programs available and approved by Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level of registry. The Institute is also the home of Triad Yoga's 500 Hour Teacher Certification and Continuing Studies Program. This program is for teachers ready to take their skills to the next level.

See The Triad Yoga Institute Website

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mind|body|fitness yoga Contact:Andrea Dyer, E- RYT 500
2949 Battleground Ave., Greensboro, North Carolina 27408 336.392.9224
Yoga Style: Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow/Yin/Restorative/Me Send Message
mind|body|fitness yoga is the Piedmont Triad's home for ashtanga/vinyasa and taosist yoga (Yin). The spacious studio offers a soothing zen design and bamboo floors. Discover how the path of yoga can lead to a stong body and a peaceful mind. Classes include Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Boot Camp, Restorative/Deep Relaxation, Yoga Basics and Insight Meditation. Private, Group and Corporate classes available. Please contact for rates and availability.

Voted Greensboro's favorite yoga studio for the past three years!

MBFY offers Yoga Teacher Training annually (RYT 200) - designed to be an intense, intimate experience preparing teachers for the modern world of teaching and sharing yoga's light!

See mind|body|fitness yoga Website

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Thai Yoga Massage-Stretch Contact:Jill White-Huffman
1921 D Boulevard St., Greensboro, North Carolina 27407 336.855.1860
Yoga Style: Thai Send Message
Thai Yoga Stretches designed to help to Reduce Pain, Emotional & Psychological Distress, Stress Relief, Gain Flexibility and Increase YOUR Energy Level so that YOU feel so much better about YOURSELF...

See Thai Yoga Massage-Stretch Website

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Come as you are - Yoga! Contact:laureen haviland
Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 336-218-1252
Yoga Style: Hatha ALL Levels Send Message
A candlelit studio space where you can leave your worries at the door and focus on your path to YOUR individual practice. ALL levels welcome -MON 6:15PM •

Also, Proehlific Park Adult FItness • Mondays 9:30am / Thursdays 11:35am • Greensboro

See Come as you are - Yoga! Website

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Family Yoga Contact:Cheryl Andres
Greensboro, North Carolina 336-706-8618
Yoga Style: Prenatal/Mom & Baby/Yoga for Men/Private Send Message
Cheryl teaches Prenatal, Mom & Baby and corporate classes in Greensboro, NC. Yoga for Men is taught by Tom Andres. Private sessions are available. See Family Yoga web site for class information.

See Family Yoga Website

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Greensboro Downtown Yoga Contact:Alisha M. Wielfaert
219 Summit Ave., Greensboro, North Carolina 27401 336-707-9082
Yoga Style: Vinyasa Send Message
Downtown Yoga opened in December of 2012. We originally opened as Greensboro Community Yoga and changed our name to Downtown Yoga in September of 2014. We are the only Vinyasa yoga studio in Downtown Greensboro. We have yoga to help you build strength, flexibility and reduce stress. Come take a class and see what we are all about.

Our Manifesto: Step onto your mat, surrender all that makes you heavy. Now is the moment that connects you to your instinct. Revolt against the stories that keep you locked in suffering. This practice is not a show of perfection, it is an art of process. No need for a mirror, feel the posture in your body. Reflections distort the moment. Dare to trust yourself. The breath will guide your exploration. You will change, slowly not all at once. Practice connects you to the grace of your being. Connection is the meaning of this journey. Lost, broken, separate, whole, Yoga is for you . Moving into stillness unites you with the full potential of the universe. Yoga will bring you happiness. Happiness is not built on fleeting pleasures; happiness is the fruition of hard work, dedication, resolve, and practice. Take these Lessons from the mat into the world. Open and discover your true self.

See Greensboro Downtown Yoga Website

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Heart Center Yoga Contact:Mary Carabeau
1100 Revolution Mill Drive, Suite 9, Greensboro, North Carolina 27405 336-669-2448
Yoga Style: Vinyasa
Mindful flow with attention to alignment. Offering gentle, therapeutic based classes as well as mixed level vinyasa. For schedule and more information go to

See Heart Center Yoga Website

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 Yoga Classes in Clemmons North Carolina

18.15 Miles Away 

Sunrise Yoga Studio Contact:Valerie Kiser, ERYT500
6000 Meadowbrook Mall Ct., Suite 1, Clemmons, North Carolina 27012 336-778-1233
Yoga Style: blended: alignment based Send Message
Yoga classes taught in various levels from beginner to advanced. Classes are available 7 days/week at various times. Classes taught by certified, Yoga Alliance registered (RYT) teachers. We also offer 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance-approved teacher training programs.

Sunrise Yoga is your place to find health and wellness. Enter this peaceful, serene environment and witness the stress of your day melting away. Our highly-trained and compassionate staff will help you gain strength, flexibility and balance in your body, while guiding you to a calm inner strength and vitality. Our classes are fun, informative, and will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, energized... and smiling. We invite you to experience Sunrise Yoga and become a part of our caring community.

See Sunrise Yoga Studio Website

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