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Yoga Teacher Training: 6 Weeks Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal - YA 200H & 500H Yogi-Nomad
Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Nepal
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Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Asht
For a program adapted to the need of each student we are offering several options:

Option A : Self development 250h - 4 week (limited seats) Option B : Teacher Training 400h - 6weeks Level 1 Yoga Alliance RYT Option C: Teacher Training 900h (with one year mentorship) prepare to Level 2 Yoga Alliance Option D: Teacher Training 1.000h Level 2 Yoga Alliance RYT (limited seats) Option E: Teacher Training 400h Level 2 for student who already have Level 1 (limited seats)

Course Cost: Tuition only Option A & B: 1.800 Euro early bird / 2.100 Euro after Option C: 2.250 Euro early bird / 2.550 Euro after (include mentorship cost) Option D: 3.400 Euro early bird / 3.700 Euro after (include mentorship cost)

Fee includes training expenses, deposit, registration & examination/certification 10% discount for every person you bring

Info Program / Teachers / Registration:

Contact: Skype: gaby.nomad

Self-assessment and self practice, a focus on each individual. In depth assisted and self-assessment will be conducted in order to define your personal needs in accordance with your experience level and your constitutional needs. The training will start with a private interview and will conclude with a personal feed-back and include some individual processing according to needs during the training, this is only possible with a small size group (group limited to 14-18 students).

An introduction to Ayurveda and Jyotish Ayurveda and jyotish, the sister sciences of yoga will be introduced to you. You will benefit from private consultation with highly recognized specialists in both sciences and the outcome of the consultation will be applied to your practice and the concepts they rest upon will be be explained in details.

Multi style practice Teacher from different traditions (Iyengar, Satyananda Sarasvati, Ashtanga and more) will lead the practice and 90’ per day will be dedicated to pranayama and kriyas alone. The practice will include regular use of mantra and silence and other practices will be introduced sporadically like havan (vedic fire ceremony), kirtan (Bhakit chanting), Yantra etc.

A focus on energy work All form of life, activity and healing being sustained by Prana our practice will mostly be focused on the subtle anatomy and the direct perception of prana, prana vayus, nadis/meridian/sen-sib, cakras, koshas.

Teaching and teaching methodology You will learn all the basic structural elements of a general class, from sequencing to adjusting asana, to leading pranayama and meditation, ensuring security and a qualitative connections with your students. Teaching from day one, you will lead 3 full classes before the end of the course of 20’, 60’ and 90’ respectively in week 4, 5 and 6. These classes are open to outside students as a reality check. For adjustment and alignment the classes will be lead by a dedicated Iyengar lineage teacher.

In depth study work of literature, history and philosophy The unique feature of pre-training requirement of submitting reading notes on the 3 mains scripture (Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika) allow in depth discussion and creative work about traditional literature of Yoga. It prepares the student for this intense period of self reflection and allow to dive into the deep end from day one.

Inspiration Unlike many style specific training, the experience is not solely focused on Asana. The structure is mostly inspired by the teaching we have received from two modern scholars-practitioners of international reputation, namely Georg Feuerstein from Traditional Yoga Studies and David Frawley from the American Vedic Institute.

Himalaya, Yatra and making the historical connection We will take you for a 2 days pilgrimage in some of the most astounding and mostly Tantric sites of Kathmandu valley to make the connection between the ancestral practices conducted in these sacred place and our modern practice.

Complementary holistic therapies Beyond the 40 hours of Traditional Thai massage (also called Thai Yoga Massage!) applied in recognition of your constitution type (Dosha), you will be exposed to a variety of techniques like Sotai massage (a Japanese technique related to Shiatsu and acupressure), Meridian Therapy, Tai-chi, emotional balancing through Bach Flowers, depending on local availability of faculty at the time of training.

Ground breaking spiritual management technique Reduction of emotional charges due to primordial polarities, enlightenment intensive/gnostic intensive, personalized and self processing techniques will be introduced in accordance with the methods of maverick clinical psychologist Zivorad M. Slavinsky. These methods potentially leading to direct experience of Oneness and or Samadhi in record time.

Introduction to nutrition and fasting

Modern and interactive teaching and group management methods 350h of a clearly structured curriculum, modern participative communication techniques and regular feed back mechanisms will allow for smooth management of the training, taking all students point of view into account. The assessment process is conducted in an harmonious and participative way, leading to reduced frustration, minimized risk of failure and maximized progress. The whole training will be lead by a multidisciplinary and experienced team that has spent the last 5 years entirely dedicated at preparing and delivering teacher training to hundreds of students efficiently. Under Yogi-nomad staff supervision bringing previous experience in event management, public relation, hospitality management and human resource management in international and multicultural environment, you will be able to join the group on-line several weeks before the training and start a bond that has proved life long in many cases. All the education material will be made available to you both in printed form and electronic form, for most part in advance of the training.


1,800 Euro
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