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TRIBE Yoga Courses - Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training: Level 1, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Thailand - 2015/2016 TRIBE Yoga Courses
Chiang Mai North Thailand Thailand
February 28, 2016 to March 25, 2016
Ashtanga Vinyasa, Agama Yoga, Hatha
TRIBE Yoga Courses
2895 - 4 week, 2695 - 3 week.

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Tribe is renowned for the relaxed, fun and easy going atmosphere cultivated by our teachers during each training. We offer a comprehensive and practical approach to develop ones understanding of what yoga is as we work towards awakening your inner teacher as the main source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom for self practice and teaching others.

Traditionally our trainings have a down to earth approach bringing the ancient yoga teachings into a relevant and digestible modern presentation ( East meets West ) that students can easily understand and apply to their practice and to their daily living.

For many this is an opportunity to practice yoga with like-minded people and professional teachers in a safe and supportive environment on a journey of self discovery and spiritual development regardless of flexibility, strength or yoga experience.

Some trainees attend the training because they hold a passion to become teachers whilst others attend because they want to challenge themselves to a month of yoga study and intensive practice.

We create a safe and sacred space for students to explore various yoga techniques and disciplines of purification and transformation which very often leads to the release of deep seated physical and emotional tensions.

You will find that tears & laughter, joy & sadness, fears & loves are encouraged to be freely expressed as the group is collectively guided to let go of the usual inhibitions and judgments that often restrict our spiritual evolution.

THE YOGA We (the course teachers) are quite progressive and have each studied with different teachers and practiced different syles including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Dynamic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and kundalini. Naturally the training includes a fusion of asana, pranayama and meditation styles and techniques which creates a complete journey of both movement and stillness.

Self Practice Our focus is to guide you towards establishing a strong self practice and a more yogic lifestyle. We facilitate a space whereby each person is invited to appreciate and nurture their own individuality and move towards developing a self practice that reflects how and what they are feeling in each and every moment so that the sequencing of ones own self practice or teaching becomes more spontaneous and explorative.

Asana In asana the basic sequencing for study and practice is 'based' on a blend of the Ashtanga Primary Series as devised by Prathabis jois and vinyasa flow. To honor our varying abilities and limitations there will be modifications to the traditional primary series whereby we will introduce a greater variety of asanas, modifications and sequencing under an umbrella of spirtual content and guidence.

The method of asana practice and study is inspired by the 'dynamic yoga method' as devised by Godfrey Devereux, which offers a simplistic approach to the practice and understanding of some basic fundamentals applied during yoga practice within the light of awareness. .........those fundamentals are:

1. A soft and passive core. 2. A stable foundation. 3. The expression of the bandhas throughout the body. 4. Freedom of the breath.

Pranayama The pranayama program includes a broad range of techniques that present a gradual yet deep exploration of the power of the breath which opens the doors to the possibility of transcending any physical and emotional blocks....... accessing and connecting to the more subtle aspects of our being.

Meditation The meditation program is a reflection of many types of meditations that the teachers on the training personally practice which depending on the teaching team may include Za-Zen, Anapasati (mindfullness of breathing), dynamic meditation etc . All the meditations are an invitation to cultivate the awareness and stillness that is the hallmark of all spiritual practices.

Yoga Philosophy At Tribe the ancient yoga teachings of the East are taught in a modern way suitable for the western mind so students flourish in their practice and naturally gravitate to a more yogic lifestyle.

We focus on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and will be studying the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga to illuminate our understanding of what yoga is and how to practice.

We like to think that the 'real' teachings come from all those who participate in the training discussing, sharing, exploring and debating yoga practice and yogic lifestyle in the many animated philosophy sessions that take place each week.

Each student receives a training manual for use throughout the course and a personal workbook to document discoveries, developments, studies and thoughts to be handed in for assessment at the end of the training.

If you who have a passion to become a teacher this course provides a supportive arena to access your inner guru and build a strong foundation of confidence and skill which will allow you to teach clearly and precisely from your own experience whilst developing the teaching skills and hands-on adjustment skills that make you a sensitive and competent teacher.

All trainees who successfully complete the course receive an internationally recognized 200hr yoga teacher certificate which allows them to teach whatever style of yoga they love and practice.

As we progress through the training trainees often experience deep emotional and physical release. Tribe teachers work towards maintaining a safe and sacred space so that all participants experience a supportive and nurturing environment for each person to be free expressing and exploring themselves.

2895 (4wk) euros
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