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Yoga Workshop: Yoga Workshop KOSHAS & KLESHAS Orleans Yoga Shala
Ottawa ON Canada
Yoga Class
Ashtanga,Hatha.Boomers(over 50's) Shakti
Orleans Yoga Shala
SunDate: 12/9/2012From: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm In Yogic philosophy there are 5 sheaths (or bodies) that enshroud the true self. They are called the 5 Koshas. You can visualize them as the skins on an onion or the rings inside a tree's core. We will look at them from the most obvious or gross to their most subtle.

Annamaya Kosha: This is the anatomical body.

Pranamaya Kosha: This is the breath body. It is also the subtler aspects of of the energy body. Manomaya Kosha: This is the mental body. It is how you perceive the world through your 5 sense organs. Vijnanamaya Kosha: This is the intellectual body. Also called the wisdom body. Anandamaya Kosha: This is the most subtle body. The inner ring of the tree and the closest to who you really are. It is the causal body and is responsible for the cause of everything

Yoga asana (posture) is a way of connecting all of these bodies that make up you. After some observation there is the realization that all of these bodies interpermeate. The breath affects the mind. The mind affects the breath. The body affects the decision making. When you look deeply into the past conditioning you find anxieties that make knots and grooves in the body and the psyche. When all align, there is a moment of pure clarity.

Kleshas: are afflictions of the mind that are the roots of suffering according to Patanjali's Yoga sutras. Suffering is a mindset that is self induced. To attain the state of equanimity, these kleshas have to be eliminated. 1.Avidya (ignorance) 2.Asmita (I-am-ness) 3.Raga (attachment) 4.Dvesha (repulsion) 5.Abhinivesha (will to live)

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