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Wise Living Yoga Academy - Advanced Yoga Training
Advanced Yoga Training: Advanced 500 hrs Certification - Yoga Teacher Training - 2015 Wise Living Yoga Academy
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Classical Yoga / Hatha Yoga
Wise Living Yoga Academy

"Become a Yoga Teacher with strong foundation in Classical Yoga"

Attention: - Anyone can join the 500 hours Teacher Training by attending first a 200 hours and then completing the next 300 hours in the subsequent weeks. - If you are planing to attend this course please send us application for the 200 hours course starting on 25th Oct 2015.

The Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTT) program designed by Wise Living Yoga Academy (accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA & The International Board of Yoga, India) intend to provide strong foundation in Classical Yoga Philosophy (Patañjali Ashtanga Yoga), Lifestyle Principles (Yogachara) and Yoga Techniques (Hatha cum Raja Yoga). It will endow the Yoga Aspirants (Sadhakas) and Teacher Trainees with guiding principles for their own Personal Development & Habituation to Spiritual Consciousness and also the Didactics & Methodology for imparting Yoga Wisdom & Training to individuals of all ages without any major ailments. Participants who complete the course successfully will receive an internationally recognized Yoga Certificate.

The advanced 500 hours Teacher Training Course follows the same course structure and time-table of the 200 hours course. However the advance 500 hours program will cover training on the Therapeutic Aspects of Yoga along with advanced studies of Traditional Texts, self-study/practice and experiencing life in an Ashram-like environment in the spirit of Karma Yoga.

Anyone can apply for the 500 hours Teacher Training by attending first the 200 hours and then completing the next 300 hours in the subsequent weeks OR as per our calendar of courses.

Former students (who have already completed a 200 hours course with Wise Living Yoga Academy) can apply for the 300 hours program happening about 2 times every year.

Course Location & Fees:

The 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses & the Advanced 300 & 500 hours International Certification Programs are held several times a year in our Yoga Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Fees - early bird discounted: USD 4690 - All Inclusive (Check the dates for registration in our course website to avail early bird discount) Includes: Tuition, Course Material, Certificate, Accommodation in twin sharing basis, 3 meals a day.

Category of Disciplines for the 500 hours Advanced Teacher Training Course:

1. Pure Ayurveda or the Science of Nature Cure

1.1. Principles and Fundamentals of Nature Cure

Brief History and Background of Nature Cure; Nature Cure vs. Modern Medicine; The 10 basic principles of Nature Cure; Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death; Nutrition & Elimination Vs. Deficiency & Toxicity.

1.2. Health Management through Ayurveda

The 3 Doshas & the understanding Body Types; Nature of Body and Mind – Body and Eating Intelligence; Body Weight, Digestion & Toxins; Techniques to Balancing the System & Maintaining Homeostasis; Use & Conservation of Energy.

1.3. Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking and recipes

Nutrition & Balanced Diet; Food preparation according to the seasons; Food preparation according to the Doshas; Use and importance of Spices & Herbs

2. Yoga and Total Health

2.1. Living Towards Total Health in Today’s world

Understanding Total Health; Components that make for Health; Mental Health and Indulgence; Spiritual Health.

2.2. The Panchakoshas & Health Management (the 5 bodies)

The Gross & Subtle Bodies; The Panchakoshas and Stress Management.

2.3. The Gross Body & the Panchamahabhutas (the 5 great elements)

Supplying the 5 elements to the body; Energy management; Care of skin, hair, ear, nose, throat, mouth, stomach, anus and sexual organs.

3. Discipline & Personal Practices (Sadhana)

All the students engaged in advanced training are expected to maintain a personal and regular practice while staying in the ashram.

The Sadhana will include:

Meditation (Individual or in Group); Physical Education - Asanas & Pranayamas (Individual or in Group); Yogic Hygiene (Shatkarmas & Kriyas); Other personal practices and observances will be followed according to the student’s need and under direct orientation of a Senior Teacher. This will include practice of mauna (silence), upwas (fasting) during specific timings or following a specific diet program if required.

4. Karma Yoga

All students will be assigned specific duties in the center for which they will be responsible to coordinate & execute, alone or along with other students and workers of the Center, under the Senior Teacher’s guidance. Karma Yoga is not only executing a specific work but it is mainly doing it with a particular attitude and state of mind. A positive attitude and sense of enjoyment is to accompany any physical action besides doing it with full attention and not having personal interests in the final result (selfless or altruistic work).

5. Advanced Studies on Traditional Texts & Selected Topics on Yoga

Personal guided studies will be conducted in form of workshops and assignments including attending lecture and doing research and paper/talk presentation on Traditional Texts or selected topics on Yoga and including:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Samkhya Karika; Bhagavad Gita and the 4 Paths of Yoga; Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Shiva Samhita, etc; Yoga & Mystics & Mysticism; History & Background of Yoga; History & Background of The Yoga Institute of Santacruz.

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Please visit our Course Website for more info on Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.

- Yoga Teacher Training Course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Namaskar !!!

USD 4690
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