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Yoga Teacher Training: A Path with Heart by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
Memphis TN USA
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Delta Groove Yoga
Dear Teachers and Committed Yogis,

The Universe is looking for dedicated people to heal, uplift, and inspire. Let the sacred technology of Kundalini yoga give you the tools to heal yourself and heal the world! You will soon have the chance to learn to be a premier instructor of the ultimate body, mind, and soul fitness form, with some of the most well-known yoga teachers worldwide. Ana Brett and Ravi Singh will begin Kundalini teacher training this April at Delta Groove Yoga in Memphis, Tennessee.

This dynamic duo is offering 200 and 300 hour courses simultaneously so that those of you with an existing 200 hr. certification can enter into stewardship for the new crop of fledgling teacher trainees. Also, and most importantly, the material we covered for the 200 hr. training is the study of a lifetime and it behooves us to delve into it again and again. Of course we have much exciting material to present as part of the 300 hr. Training, which will be covered during your additional hours with us as well as guest instructors who will share their areas of expertise which include pre-natal yoga, anatomy, and more.

With 45+ years combined teaching experience, these internationally celebrated yoga teachers remain fresh in their quest to keep innovating with new methods, approaches, depth, and insight. Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have authored many 23 DVD's and a soon-to-be published book, The Kundalini Yoga Book. They've trained over 300 practicing Kundalini Yoga Teachers. Their clients have included Olympic Athletes, and people from all walks of life. They travel extensively teaching workshops, conferences and retreats worldwide. Their approach is powerful, inspiring, moving, and fun!

"Our primary objective," say Ana & Ravi, "is to create a cadre of dedicated professional teachers who maintain themselves in elevated spirit and who are motivated to share this amazing system of inspired fitness, meditation, and conscious living to help people to live healthy, happy, more peaceful lives."

These accomplished Teachers are known for their ability in helping students make consistent and dramatic breakthroughs in their lives. For more information on Ana & Ravi, go to http://

“Those who can teach, do!” ~Ravi Singh

Here is a look at the entire schedule:

Module One - A Path with Heart - April 5, 6, 7

The Golden Chain • The Art and Science of Spirit Rising • The Myths and Mysteries of Kundalini • Lineage and Kundalini Concepts • Organizing Your Warm-Up Repetoire • Quick Set to Raise the Kundalini • The Stages of Self Growth • Mantra 101• The Bhandas 101 • Do’s & Don’t’s for the Practice of Kundalini Yoga • Laya Yoga • More!

Module Two - Self Empowerment - May 10, 11, 12

The Science of Sequence • How Kundalini Yoga Works • Organzing Your Teaching Repetoire • Templates for A Effective Kundalini Yoga Classes • Body Mechanics • Align to be Divine • Breath Secrets • Ethical Standards for Masters in the Making • The Five Principles of Alignment • Navel Power • Three Pyramids of Perfection: Sadhana. Simran, Seva. Aradhana: Form, Fearlessness, Fire. Prabhupati: Commitment, Creativity. Consciousness • More!

Module Three - Divine Alignment - June 7, 8, 9

The Five Principles of Alignment • Mudra 101 • Warrior Workout • Love Your Liver • Yoga Philosophy 101 • History of Kundalini Yoga • Yoga Anatomy • The Eyes Have It • Top Ten Meditations in Kundalini Yoga • Kundalini Yoga Sun Salutation Sets • Conscious Corrections • Teaching Special Groups: Seniors, Athletes, Dancers, Singers, etc. • Anatomy and Physiology • The Yoga Body • Alignment Checklist • Camel Pose and the Five Principles • Foot Notes • Guidance of the Soul • More!

Module Four - The Healing Path - July 12, 13, 14

The Healing Path: Thoughts on Healing • Beginners Cleansing Kriya • Sitali Pranayam • Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Heal All Sickness • Preparing for Healing • Breath Meditation to Heal with Your Hands • Our Wireless Anatomy, • Pranic Body Breathing Exercise • Warm-Ups with a Health Focus • Pran Arti Pranayam • Chow Pad Arti Pranayam • Ultimate Pre-Natal Set • Breath and Rib Release, Rejuvenation Technique • Ghost Kriya • Pranayam to Stay Young • Digestive System Tune Up • Meditation to Heal at a Distance • Healing Circle • Immune Boost Breathing

Module Five - Energy Models - September 13, 14, 15

Chakras: Wheels of Life • Keywords for the Chakras • Breath Meditation to Bring Heaven and Earth into Balance, • Sex and Sixth Sense • Love & Will • Kundalini Yoga Super Set to Open the Chakras Part 1 • Kriya for Pelvic Balance • Kriya for Generating Navel Tapa • Journey thru the Chakras Superset Part 2 • Heart of Gold •Green Energy of the Heart Meditation, 45 Min. Meditation, Chakra 5: The Great Voice • Kantha Padma Kriya for the Lotus of the Throat • Venus Kriya for Communication • Sky Blue Meditation for the Throat Chakra • The Divine Laws of Inspired Communication, Set to Keep the Chakras Open, The Sixth Chakra: Vision Quest • Initiation into Intuition • Tantric Numerology • The Meridian System • Set to Open the Meridians and Heal the Heart

Module Six - Methods of the Masters - October 18, 19, 20

A Journey thru the Psyche • Rebirthing Kriyas • Teaching Practicum • Teaching Tips • Shine Like the Star You Are • Short Sets to Enhance Your Repetoire • Yoga for Seniors • Couples Exercises • “Secret” Meditations • More Kundalini Yoga Supersets • Healing Circle • Teaching Practicum • Empowering Yourself as a Teacher • V for Victory Meditation • Akasha Dhristi Meditation • Vibrate Your Soul •"Last" Meditation • Meditation to Understand the Power of Your Attachment • Shushuma Nadi Activation • Yogi Bhajan on Being a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga • Meditation to Develop the Mature Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher • Meditation for Prosperity, Inner Peace, World Peace and Positive Mindset,

Module Seven (300 hr. only)- Living Your Destiny - November 15, 16, 17

Cirriculum to Be Announced.

Module Eight (300 hr. only) - A Teacher for the Ages - January 17, 18, & 19(2014)

Curriculum to Be Announced.

If you have any questions, call Olivia Lomax at 901.493.1431 or to register go to

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