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Yoga Workshop: A Tripsichore Yoga Workshop with Edward Clark
Thessaloniki Kalamaria Greece
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Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Aerial, Therapy
ANAHATA Yoga Studio

Though Vinyasa and “Flow” forms of yoga are among the most popular practices, their lineage and place in yoga orthodoxy are rarely articulated. This workshop looks at the ways in which the Tripsichore vinyasa practice integrates pranayama and philosophy to make possible the accomplishment of difficult work on the mat.

The concept of vinyasa as applied to yoga philosophy could either be considered very ancient or radically new. In either case, vinyasa seems to be the great contribution to yoga of this particular generation of yogis. Most yoga discipline has worked on refining one’s self in the direction of greater stillness – an absence of movement in the mind and body. Superficially, vinyasa would seem to contradict this. However, the mental focus and physical technique needed to bring about continuous fluid movement can also bring one to a “seat” of great stability and clarity. The stability is not only in the posture, but in the transition between postures – to the point where there is no distinction between movement and stillness. The place of vinyasa in the history of yoga is yet to be determined, but as yoga has become a world wide pursuit, it is probably safe to say that its importance now also lies in how people begin to apply it outside the more traditional places it has been practised.

VINYASA in our definition, is the evenly metered flow of movement, breath and thought resulting in a smooth, uninflected state of being. The vinyasa techniques are pursued to bring about clarity and stability to one’s thoughts and actions. What does it take to move your practice forward? How do you start working on and refining challenging material? Usual answers would consider looking at postures that you find challenging and this could be material that you are already good at as well as that which you find difficult. Both can deepen a practice. A deeper practice isn’t just about harder postures though. Rather, it is also the quality with which you perform them.

Friday, April 12, 20:00- 21:00


Saturday, April 13, 12:00- 15:00, 17:00- 20:00


The Tripsichore Sun Salutes – The next level of fluid challenges

Tripsichore’s Sun Salutes are devised to explore ingenious ways of performing handstands, headstands and unusual backbends through the use of vinyasa movement and ujjayi breath. Through the cultivation of evenness of breath coupled with evenness of movement, these Sun Salutes seek to bring evenness of mind while executing challenging sequences of postures.

The Inverted Work if you are scared by the prospect, this really is THE opportunity to get down to beating the fear by discovering how to safely and confidently execute inverted postures. If you love inverted work, this is the chance to glory in some of the most exciting variations you are likely to see. We’ll accommodate everyone.

Sunday, April 14, 12:00- 15:00, 17:00- 20:00 OVERCOMING FEAR AND OTHER OBSTACLES

Unusual Asanas And Balances

There are postures we love to do and others we are not so fond of – some come to one with apparent ease and others are approached with a degree of dread. Yoga philosophy encourages, through action, the appreciation and awareness of the “present moment” without attachment to the outcome. Fear and other obstacles tend to be based on projections into the future or past. To overcome these tendencies, one identifies the fear or obstacle and strategies to confront them.

Back Bends

it isn’t just about how flexible you are (okay, it helps), but it is really about what you do when you get there. This will not just be static positions, but will look at approaches to vinyasa within a back bend situation.

Tripsichore began in 1979 as a company devoted to creating full length dance narratives. We explored a variety of stylistic forms including punk ballet, conventional modern dance and strict neo-classical technique. We used masks, performed with rock bands and did pop videos. While yoga was always a part of our training, it wasn't until 1992 that we realised the expressive potential and choreographic viability of yoga postures. Once we began to devise works using yoga asanas, their extraordinary artistic logic became evident. Surprisingly, it would seem that there has been no orthodox tradition for using yoga technique to create dances in the 5000 year history of the discipline. The postures intrinsically possess a sumptuous beauty and fluidity. They are the ideal vehicle to express the themes of harmony, balance, spirituality, ecstasy, bliss and mysticism because they are exactly about these subjects in and of themselves. We are now many years into this experiment and each day brings new discoveries.


Performance: By Donations for members, 10€ for non members

Full Workshop: 70€ Per Workshop Day: 40€

70 €
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