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Yoga Retreat: Journey to the Inner Temple
Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica
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Yoga Style: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga & Dynamic Hatha Fl
Contact: Heather Elton Yoga
A Yoga Asana & Philosophy Intensive with Heather Elton and Rose Baudin

The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Costa Rica

June 18 – 28, 2013 | 1650 USD / 1095 GBP | Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount!!!

(Includes yoga tuition, 3 meals a day and shared accommodation in a luxury jungle tree house.)

Journey to the Inner Temple is a magical 10-day yoga retreat in a stunning location with two master teachers. Heather Elton and Rose Baudin are the teachers on the course and between them they have over 75 years of yoga experience, each with their own insight into the ancient yogic techniques and a lot to share about the practice, both from a technical perspective and a deep philosophical one that will make the spiritual inquiry relevant to life. You will immerse yourself in yoga for two hours a day, but the practice will overflow into nature - into the ocean, the surf, the river and waterfalls, natural pools and jungle. There will be plenty of time for fun, relaxation, reflection and integration of the teachings in an awe-inspiring environment.

This retreat will be authentic, intense and fun. It will be an transformational journey through Ayurveda principles, Patanjali's 8-limbed path, Samkhya philosophy upon which yoga is based, a comprehensive understanding of koshas and vayus, and the use of mudras, yantras and mantras in the practice - all seamlessly woven together through asana, lectures, rituals and ceremonies. Lectures will examine both Dakshina Marga (right-hand) ans Vama Marga (left-hand) paths of tantric tradition. This retreat offers insight into your true nature and tools to transform deep-seated habitual behaviour and emotional states. We wish to lead you into the heart of pure nature in Costa Rica, and to your own heart on a journey to the Inner Temple.

The Yoga The theme of the Journey to the Inner Temple is one of ‘purification’ to reveal the light and ecstasy of our Divine Origin. For most of us living in a stressful and chaotic world, this ‘light of wisdom’ is obscured by kleshas, karmic conditioning, koshas (subtle bodies) and doshas. This yoga intensive will focus on the elimination of debilitating toxins - physical, astral and causal – and to encourage the cultivation of rasa or ‘juiciness.’ As the pivotal purification ritual, Agni Hotra (fire ceremony) will be conducted at sunset to create a bridge between the manifest world and unmanifest world. Agnihotra spreads peaceful, loving vibrations and cleanses the nadis. This process purifies the atmosphere and reduces stress and tension, giving rise to mental peace and happiness.

The philosophy lectures aim to bring practical, integrated application to your practice. Asana for the elimination of physical impurities while promoting balance, rejuvenation, strength and confidence. Pranayama to remove obstructions in the nadis (subtle conduits) while promoting increased energy and mental clarity. Meditation will release mental ama (toxins) while expanding awareness, and promoting wellbeing and a joyful participation in all stages of life. Each day begins with pranayama and meditation in the Yoga Pagoda, an exquisite building perched high up in the jungle canopy. During this time we will explore the ‘inner limbs’ of yoga. Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow will be taught in a way that the practice is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. An afternoon Yoga Clinic will delve into many aspects of the practice, including the alignment principles in key poses; the inner and outer techniques of Vinyasa that tie the poses together in a 'moving meditation'; develop the 'inner limbs' of yoga to develop focus and concentration skills that enhance clarity of mind; use the breath to feel safe enough to move through difficult poses and work honestly at your edge; shift energy in problem areas (hips & shoulders); Yin/restorative yoga is used as a healing/therapeutic tool to move through fear and release hardness in the body; experience deep inner peace, relaxation and insight; learn to rest and be at ease in the present moment. It's a deep practice, an inquiry into the self and the cosmos, that moves beyond the physical experience to make the yogic inquiry authentic and relevant to real life.

Beginners are welcome on this retreat as long as you are fit and willing to try new things.


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