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Ayurveda Yoga Villa - Advanced Yoga Training
Advanced Yoga Training: Ayurveda Yoga Villa Event Ayurveda Yoga Villa
Kuruva Island Kerala India
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ayurveda and yoga
Ayurveda Yoga Villa
Concept and aim According to Vedic science, life is explained as the union of body, sense organs, mind and prana, whilst health is defined as the balance of these entities. By adopting the treatments: Yukthivyapasraya (a treatment using pacifying and cleansing methods) , Daivavyapasraya (yoga and tantric science of balancing prana) Satwavajaya (conquering psychological levels through guided meditation) every individual can become whole. Ayurvedic treatments will seek to balance your physical body. Clients will be given personalized diet and life style adjustments along with herbs, yoga asana and kalari, a form of martial art. For sensory nourishment, developing a silent relationship with Mother Nature’s surrounding influence will help you to revive and balance your senses. Increasing your prana (life force) will involve pooja (sacred worship), pranayama (breath development) and the following of a pranic diet. For balancing your mind, residing in a vastuu designed cottage, along with the practice of yoga, prathyayahara (withdrawing from inadequate causative factors), dharana (focusing) and dhyana (meditation ) will help to empower you.AyurvedaYogaVilla Further info: call (+91)4935250945 e mail Facilities at the Campus Ganapathi Temple Yagashala (a structure built for worship based on Vastuu principals) Meditation Hall Goshala (cow shed) Herbal Garden Ayurvedic Treatment Center Herbal Pharmacy Restaurant Conference Hall Traditional Library Our Aim The aim of Ayurveda Yoga Villa is to spread a holistic way of living to the entire world. We will do this by creating awareness classes and seminars at our many rejuvenation centers. Holistic practice, incorporating principles of ayurveda , yoga and vedic astrology. Ayurveda means the science of life, it is the vedic system of natural healing for body and mind. The science aims not only at the cure and prevention of disease, but also rejuvenation and longevity. Beyond ordinary health care measures, ayurveda’s methodology will allow you to achieve a high level of vitality and awareness. The human body is a composite of three bodies: Physical, Astral and Causal. The physical body is the sphere of five gross elements: earth,water, fire, air and space each of which are present in what is known as the Doshas. Right living, by adopting a holistic lifestyle, diet and proper cleansing methods helps to balance these Doshas. This results in physical well being.AyurvedaYogaVilla Further info: call (+91)4935250945 e mail Astral Body The astral or subtle body is the ‘vital force’, the senses and the outer aspects of the mind. Natal astrology or birth chart readings will help you better understand yourself in areas such as health, wealth, relationships, career and spirituality. This is a way of Daivavyapashraya Chikista (spiritual healing). By understanding the cosmic influence on your body, you can better plan pooja, mantra and meditation practices. This will help you to balance cosmo-psychological aspects such as karmic suffering. Causal Body Causal body is the deeper mind or sphere of the soul, it holds our inner most desires, impulse and tendencies that propel us towards rebirth. Yoga Yoga begins with the balancing and clearing of the physical body through various asana or yoga postures. This provides the foundation for health necessary to support deeper practices later down the line. In this regard, yoga integrates with ayurveda in its healing approach. One of the main aims of yoga is to increase your prana (primal energy source) which transcends the limitations of time and space. The practice of balancing prana leads to the transcendence of duality, to the unity of sun and prana. Here, the forces of life are reflected by the unity of the external universe. Prana is that which connects the physical body to the mind - balancing your prana balances your inner and outer worlds. Yoga leads us from the physical to the subtle and then to the casual body, here you will discover your true self. It is through such disciplines (ayurveda, vedic astrology and yoga) that you gain access to tools and techniques for working on your physical, pranic and psychological plains, thus addressing every aspect of your being.AyurvedaYogaVilla Further info: call (+91)4935250945 e mail Courses will be conducted at the Udaygiri Rejuvenation Center The duration will be a one month or 3 months term Courses will be conducted from May - October 2013 The ancient traditional Gurukul way of teaching will be used In order to convey full scientific vedic knowledge, eminent teachers will be heading classes for different subjects. The list includes spiritual masters, doctors, yoga acharyas and martial art practitioners. To better understand all aspects of the system a scholar will be guiding you beforehand. The one month course includes the following topics: a) Basic principles of ayurveda and the practice of panchakarma b) Basic principles and the practice of yoga c) Practical ayurvedic formulation and cooking Additional topics included in the 3 months course: Basic principles of ayurveda, yoga and astrology Practice of panchakarma, rasayana and vajeekarana treatments Dietary principles Principles of Ayurvedic medicine Course Details Enquiry Details www.ayurvedayoga

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