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Ayurveda Yoga Villa - Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat: Ayurveda Yoga Villa Event Ayurveda Yoga Villa
Kuruva Island Kerala India
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Ayurveda Yoga Villa
Special Monsoon Panchakarma with

"Devas Rejuvenation

Ayurveda is a science of life developed by Ancient Ayurvedic Acharyas about 5000 years ago in India. Ayurveda is the combination of the mind, the body, the senses and the soul. It is the work of harmonizing the body through deep knowledge and understanding of nature and the inner self. to the Ayurveda Acharyas the monsoon season is the best time to take the Ayurvedic treatments. The climate fires up the body naturally letting out it's imperfections and the moist dust-free air means that the body pores are open and very receptive. This combination is extremely strong and certainly accelerates the results, it helps not only in curing the illness in question but also in restoring a healthy balanced state.

Ayurveda has selectively recognized "varsha ritu" as the "kalam" for receiving Panchakarma therapies. Panchakarma is the systemic cleansing of the body without damaging the tissues. The treatment, particularly in monsoon season, can play a very important role in the treatment of nervous and chronic diseases, which are not cured by modern medicine or palliative and symptomatic treatments. The process primarily seeks to restore the vital strength of the body by eliminating the accumulated toxins and making the tissues pure. Ayurveda Yoga villa offers a 21 day Special Monsoon Panchakarma with the last 9 days of the rejuvenation period at the Udayagiri Mountain Retreat. The overall outlook and concept of the program is to help you align with your higher Self through the wisdom of your body, and to recognize this connection when you achieve it. Once you align in this way, you are forever empowered. Your purpose becomes clear, you are on track, and your life begins to embrace a flow of grace and ease.

Panchakarma Treatment will include: Pre Purifications Preparations Snheana Swedana Vamana Virechna Nasya Basti Devas Rejuvenation at Udayagiri Mountain Ayurveda Yoga Villa designed a special "Devas Rejuvenation" this is during the Monsoon season at the Udayagiri Mountain retreat . 'Udaya' meaning morning and 'Giri' meaning peak, Udayagiri translates as the peak on which morning sunlight falls .The place offers a completely fresh and spiritually rejuvenating atmosphere of pure nature all around especially during the monsoon period when plants are very green and lush. Under this Special Rejuvenation process, the patient receives Rasayanas, meaning, medicines and herbs. These are specifically chosen to help them in the enhancement of their energy on the Physical, Mental and eventually at the Spiritual level. On the Physical level the body cells are reinforced thus increasing the body's immune system. On the Pranic & mental front, we concentrate on increasing the mental powers of intelligence and memory which will have a stimulating action on the entire central nervous system also enhancing the power of the five senses. "Devas" derived from the Sanskrit root div meaning to shine or become bright. A deva is a "shining one". The patient will have the complete Devas, this is where the image of a celestial lifestyle is brought to the treatment. The simple aroma of fresh flowers and herbs and the sounds and sights of nature are of great importance. We are blessed with fabulous surroundings which are filled with a very rare, strong energy, harmonizing and empowering each body, mind and soul. Beginning the day with Pooja, Prayers and vedic Mantras around the fire element, cleansing and purifying you. Ending the day with evening's of fabulous Ayurvedic dining, spiritual dancing and traditional music. This special Rejuvenation will open your heart and align you with your body and your true self, giving you a sense of well being and connectedness and a spark of creation Treatment will include Shirodhara Netra Tarpanam Elakizhi Kashyadhara Ksheeradhara Pizchili Njavarakkizhi Talapothichil Siro Vasti Ending Ceremony with Special Rudrasksha Therapy This is a unique specialty of the monsoon rejuvenation program of Ayurveda yoga villa. Using the sacred and miraculous Rudraksha beads the vital points of the body are revitalized as a rejuvenation procedure. Rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) is a sacred seed that has been used as a prayer bead in Hinduism for thousands of years. The seeds act as a stabilizing anchor and its beneficial powers are by virtue of its strong electrical and magnetic properties which can be categorized into, Resistance, Capacitance and Dielectric. Rudraksha is used for the treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicines. As a therapeutic procedure we keep Rudraksha beads in the vital points of our body, 'marma' where muscles, vessels, bones, tendons and ligaments unite together. Pressure on these marma points with the sacred bead helps to stimulate and improve pranic flow by limiting stagnation in the body.

Therapeutic Benefits According to Susruta Samhita (An ancient treatise on Ayurveda) human body consist of 107 marmas Keeping Rudraksha beads on these specific vital points helps to calm and revitalize the nervous system; thereby maintaining mind-body balance. The result is relief from stress, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and palpitation This therapy tranquilizes the body by regularizing the heart beat and keeps the blood pressure under control. This therapy helps to cool down the body temperature and bring calmness to the mind due to its action on nervous system. Rudraksha therapy acts as anti ageing (Rasayana) because of the electromagnetic and inductive property. The combination of the intense power of Rudraksha and the knowledge of Marma produces a synergic effect, the vital force of the body will be intensified and any mental imbalance will be destroyed. The body will function smoothly and you will have a feeling of being in control. Daily Programme : Daily Morning and Evening Agnihotram (Pooja) Daily Morning & Evening Yoga Classes Daily Spiritual Dancing get together in the hill tops Daily consultation with our Physicians Medicated water for shower followed by medicated fumigation Special Monsoon Diet Herbal medication in accordance with an individual's constitution

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