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Yoga Teacher Training: Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Intensive
Bristol Bristol England
February 26, 2016 to February 28, 2016
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
Bristol City Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Laura Gilmore and Ali Woozley

Our six day training course consists of two Modules each of three days. You can start the course on either training module. There will be some work to complete outside of the course days.

Our Pregnancy Training Course:

BCY is delighted to offer a course that recognises the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

This course will enable you to teach yoga to pregnant women safely, with full awareness of the physiological adaptations of the pregnant woman, based on the scientific knowledge of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

The tutors in depth understanding and teaching of asana will enable you to help understand how to help women find ease in their bodies during pregnancy. Moreover the structure of the course- with time for reflection and stillness, and the reference to the philosophical yoga framework, will support you in your own practice. And it will also allow you to be able to help women recognise and work with the emotional and spiritual path of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

We offer a “whole-woman” centred approach, whereby you are able to create pregnancy yoga classes that could offer support to women on many levels, and encourage women to create their own support networks as they move into this next phase of their lives.

Feedback from our last training:

The weekend for me was powerful, it helped me create a space within myself that I previously had not been able to access/allow. I had been wanting to, but I don’t think I could have done it without the dedicated time and this type of support. Laura and Ali, both with great expertise and presence, were very solid as instructors. They felt authentic and shared from their own experience, it felt good to learn from them. The content was presented simply and directly, with sensitivity and confidence. The shared practices and lunches were a treat, the group created a lovely sense of community. Thank you!

Course content

The pregnant body and being

-The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

-Hormones during pregnancy

-The anatomy and physiology of birth

-Hormones during birth

-The emotional journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond

-When to start pregnancy yoga and why

-Classes and postures suitable for first trimester (discussion)

It is generally advised that women should only start pregnancy yoga from week 14 of their pregnancy. The course will therefore largely focus on pregnancy yoga from this stage on. However we will have allow discussion and exploration of postures suitable for students who already have a yoga practice when they become pregnant.

Meeting the whole woman

How to meet the whole woman - what does this mean?

- meeting and greeting pregnant women

- women’s sharing circles within the class

- encouraging openness

- working with history of miscarriage

- working with news of stillbirth or miscarriage

- integrating news of births and welcoming women and babies back to class

Pregnancy yoga classes

- how to structure the class

- class sequencing: sharing, asana, breathwork, meditation, birth preparation etc.

Asana work suitable for pregnancy

- posture awareness: easing the mother’s body and enabling baby to come into a good position for birth

- asana suitable for early pregnancy, second trimester and third trimester

- partner work

- hip opening postures

- releasing the back

- gentle forward bends

- spinal release through gentle rotation

- chest and shoulder openers

- restorative postures

- modified sun salutations

- flowing on the breath

- working with props to suit all students

- all four’s postures work

- awareness of the pelvic floor: pelvic stability and muscle elasticity

- shavasana: getting relaxation to work for the pregnant body & mind

- remembering to allow space for the bump!

Common ailments

- how to support students with pelvic girdle dysfunction

- helping to ease sore backs

- how to work with breathlessness

- working with those with nausea, headaches and other common ailments that may arise

Breath work

These breath practices facilitate relaxation throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally. We will cover how to use the breath during birth to facilitate labour and help women relax into the birth of their baby. The breath practices can also be used as a form of pain relief during birth.

- mindfulness of breath and body

- 3 part breath for pregnancy

- ujjayi breath

- golden thread breath

- birthing breath

- “breathing the baby down”

Mindfulness, Meditation & Energy work

These practices help women to connect to their energetic being, to relax deeply by bringing their prana or energetic being into balance. There are also practices to help the mother connect and communicate with her unborn child(ren).

- yoga nidra

- yoga nidra for the baby

- yoni mudra

- visualisation for birth

- breathing acceptance into the heart

- mother-baby meditation and breath

Birth Preparation

We will also look at how to include birth preparation practices within the pregnancy yoga class as a means of helping women feel more prepared physically and emotionally for birthing. These practices include a combination of breath work, movement, massage and partner work

- supported squat

- leaning in, releasing against the wall

- all 4’s postures for birth

- relaxing the pelvic floor

Yoga Literature & Philosophy with reference to women and family life

We will briefly look at (a full exploration could take a long time!):

- Tantra tradition & practices- women as creators and Goddesses

-Family life as sadhana (spiritual practice)

-Birthing and motherhood as connection to Mahaprana (the life force in its greatest universal form)

Course structure

Friday and Saturday 9.30-5.30pm, with Sunday 10.00-5.00pm. Please be aware this may alter according to the practical considerations on the day. A shared lunch will take place between 1-2pm. Please bring vegetarian food to share.

The tutors

Read here about the tutors Laura Gilmore and Ali Woozley


£625 or £575 for BCY trainees (Certificate 200 hour course or Diploma 500 hour course). Payment must be received before the start of the course in order to secure your place. For payment options please click here Payment_Options_for_2013_Intensive_Courses_2.doc

RYSP-Black-Transparent1.pngCertification: The course is certified through Yoga Alliance UK (80 hours). You will also receive a BCY certificate of attendance to the course. This course can be used to cover the intensive hours needed for our BCY 500 hour Teacher training diploma course.


This course is suitable for yoga teachers and those with at least 3 years yoga experience and working with women in relevant professions such as health, fertility, midwifery, doulas etc.

How to Apply:

To apply please send us an email/written page detailing:

Your name and contact details

Your yoga experience to date

Your current practice

Why you wish to do the course

Once you have been accepted onto the course please make full fee payment by cheque or BACS. Cheques should be made payable to Bristol City Yoga, or contact the studio directly to ask for our bank details in order to make a transfer online. Your place is secure once payment is received.


If you have any queries please contact us on 0117 924 4414 or

Further Information

Reading List

Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May Gaskin

Mother's Breath, Uma Dinsmore- Tuli

Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Or the last book can be replaced by another text on pregnancy yoga- we can look at and share texts between us on the course

Please also read/ revise

Yoga sutras of Patanjali, Chapter/ Pada 1 and 2

Assignments- this may be amended but to give some idea:

Prior to the course:

Observe 4 pregnancy yoga classes & write a review of each class (you will receive a proforma for this with information required)

After/ during the course:

Write class plans for 4 pregnancy yoga classes, including how you will try to meet the emotional as well as physical needs of women (you will receive a proforma for this with information required)

Group- teaching work and informal assessment will take place during the course

Write an experience of pregnancy from your first hand experience, or through research (interview is ideal) and how this may influence your teaching. (2000-3000 words)

Review a common ailment of pregnancy and write a report to share with your group! (500 words)

These assignments will be spread over and beyond the duration of the course.

Cancellation policy

No refunds, credits or transfers are available on cancellation of the course prior to during or after the start date.

In extenuating circumstances course can be deferred until a later date and a 10% deferral fee will be charged.


Please email us at to express an interest in this course. Modules can be taken in either order but will need to complete both training "weekends" in order to fully qualify as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and graduate from the course.

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