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Yoga Teacher Training: 200 Hr Yoga Studies Program
Charleston WV USA
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Universal Yoga, Ha-tha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Beginner Yoga
Lifespring Yoga & Nutrition
Weekend One (Nov. 1-3) - In this first weekend students are introduced to different types of sun and moon salutations and the types of vinyasas unique to the Universal Yoga System along with asanas named for lifeless forms. Students will learn the ancient sun salutation practice that integrates the therapeutic and healing aspects of the chakras with breath, movement and bija mantras. Discussion topics include karma, enlightenment and yoga as a spiritual practice. Japa mala recitation will be introduced. Reading and study of “The Bhagavad Gita” and “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” begins, and continues through each and every weekend.

Weekend Two (Dec. 6-8)- Students will explore the various pathways of yoga that include hatha, tantra, karma, bhakti and kriya yoga. The gunas and vayus will be explored and discussed. Students will understand the principles of the preceptor/student relationship, and the basic ethics of a yogi. Students will the ranges of mobility for arms, legs, and spine and corresponding asanas. This weekend is the culmination of “The Bhagavad Gita” studies -discussing the importance of this sacred text to a full yoga practice. From this weekend forward, students will practice teaching.

Weekend Three (Jan.31-Feb.2) - The focus of this weekend will center on the yamas and the niyamas, without which there is no real yoga! Students will gain a rudimentary understanding of the mayakoshas (sheaths) and how the sheaths relate to the yamas/niyamas. Students will also explore the basics of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and how an understanding of this sister science is critical to progress in the science of yoga. Students will learn asana named for insects, animals, rishis and deities and arm asana unique to the Universal Yoga System.

Weekend Four (Feb. 28-March 2) will be an Ashtanga Vinyasa immersion weekend, as this asana practice is the foundation for modern asana as we know it today. Students will learn the invocation and closing mantras for Ashtanga,and they will be exposed to both primary and intermediate series. Asana will also include “The Comet”- a special hybrid ashtanga practice developed with universal yoga sequencing principles. Special attention will be paid to the 8-limb path and the art of assisting and adjusting postures. This is the first introduction to the science of asana pairs.

Weekend Five (March 14-16)- This weekend will focus on pranayama techniques and meditation methods. Students will be introduced to practices of bandhas, drishtis and tongue, finger and eye mudras. The asana will focus on heart opening postures (backbends) with special emphasis on leg-strengthening. Students will learn elements of intelligent sequencing for back-bending poses and back-strengthening poses. We will cover use of “maximum asasnas”.

Weekend Six (April 11-13)-This is the energetic anatomy weekend in which students will learn the subtle anatomy of marmas, nadis, chakras, mayakoshas and how these subtle bodies are inter-connected to each other and the physical form. Students will integrate their understandings of prana, tejas, ojas and the vayus with their physical practice to create healing and expansion. Asana will focus on arm balances and inversions. Asanas as mudras and deep bandhas practices will be explored. In this weekend, students will also learn to apply arm asanas and asana combinations for legs, arms and spine into the science of sequencing using the Universal Yoga system. The focus will be on Universal Yoga principles and teaching techniques for mixed level classes that accomodate all levels of practice. This weekend will explore all ranges of mobility for all the joints of the body and focus on anatomy as it relates to the asana practice.

Weekend Seven (May 2-4)- Students will learn how to address needs of pregnant students in an asana class. Students will also review restorative yoga techniques, Yin Yoga principles, Yoga Nidra and Mritta Mudra. We will review study of Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika with a new eye to details. We will continue the practice of teaching, assisting and adjusting. Students will study how to create balance along ALL sheaths through the specialized use of asana pairs,asanas that correspond to upper/lower body and strengthening/stretching asana pairs.

Weekend Eight (May 30-June 1)- Mara will teach the basics of the Mandala method of Universal Yoga with a double mat mandala practice each day. We will review any and all needed information for full absorption. Final Exam will be administered this weekend. Practical exams are scheduled throughout the training according to the readiness of individual students.

Tuition = $3000 (payment plans available - please contact Emily) $300 non-refundable deposit with application Once the program begins, there are no refunds.

TIMES FOR YOGA STUDIES PROGRAM: Fridays - 5pm-9:30pm Saturdays & Sundays - 8am-6pm (w/ lunch break) Unlimited asana classes FREE during training!!

Lifespring is a unique yoga studio that strives to employ Universal Yoga-based principles that effortlessly blend the physical with the spiritual, allowing students to pace their own practice according to individual needs. Beginners and advanced students alike benefit from experienced yoga teachers who provide physically challenging asana classes embedded with knowledge , devotion and universally understood spiritual principles. Modifications are offered for beginners & advanced practitioners are encouraged to shine in their practice without limitations. Growth is fostered on all levels.

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