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Yoga Workshop: Insides: Energy Body, Chakras, and Yoga for Emotional Balance and
Saint Cloud MN USA
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Return Yoga
One of the first experiences of a yoga practice is the surprise of finding muscles we didn't know we had. Thoughts we didn't know we had. Both hope and shadow places we were not aware of.

The basic premise of yoga is that our lives are mostly spent in avidya: blindness and inability to see or be with reality as it is. In remarkable ways, yogasana and meditation begin to show us reality, which we couldn't see before. We may have heard a teacher whisper 'heart chakra' or 'issues in tissues'. We may have felt tears or anger for no reason. We may have rediscovered tenacity, stubbornness, or compassion without really intending to.

We use the body to approach the mind, the heart, health and vitality, perhaps the soul. When these things are all seen and held in optimal health, our inner light shines into the world. When they are clouded on some level, the aspects of ourselves are shattered, tarnished, ill, and reflect only the outer images of the world.

Interestingly, these 'inner selves' are aligning quite profoundly with quantum physics, plasticity, fascial understandings of the body, and psychology. The self, as approached through yoga, is a profound way to explore healing on both the emotional and physical planes. Depression, anxiety, trauma and grief all find symphony and beautiful expression - and hope - here that might have been lacking, in western models. Physical well being, longevity, aging well or painfully are also spoken to with a clarity and a simplicity of prescription unlike anything western medicine has to offer. Buddha has much to teach us on brain science. Patanjali may have known something about PTSD. And asana, practiced intelligently and with devotion, will begin to change the fabric of our stress, our perceptions, our SELVES.

What if we *could* heal our broken places, and actually thrive because of them? What does health and wellness mean? How are we to age, how are we supposed to deal with our childhood, adult life mistakes, addictions or cravings, guilt and shame, fear and anxiety? How do we deal with physical pain, illness, or injury? How can we be *whole*? How can we bring our bodies and souls into better communication?

A deeper look into 'energy body' than is offered in classes. We'll explore the yogic concept of insides: including the physical body, the energy body, the emotional body, the intellectual body, and the universal body or soul. If you have any interest in chakras, koshas, kleshas, or mind body healing, this workshop is for you.

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