Autumn Yoga and Detox Retreat with Konstantinos Charantiniotis

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Bhavana Yoga Center - Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat: Autumn Yoga and Detox Retreat with Konstantinos Charantiniotis
Evoia, Greece Attica Greece
Event is Over
Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga
Bhavana Yoga Center
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???a? ? ?at?????? ep??? ?aµ??????ta? t??? ???µ??? µa?, ?a ?ef??t????µe t????e? ap? t? s?µa ?a? t?? ???, ?a???e????ta? t?? d??aµ? t?? es?te????? pa?at???s?? ?a? sta?e??t?ta?. ???a? ? ?da???? pe???d?? ??a f?s???, s??a?s??µat??? ?a? p?e?µat??? µet?ßas?, ape?e??e?????ta? s?µa ?a? ??? ?a? af????ta? p?s? ??a a?t? p?? p?a de? µa? ?p??et???. ?? ep???a?? µa? detox retreat ?a sa? pa???e? ?p?st????? ?a? ?a sa? p??sf??e? t?? ???s? p?? ??e???eta? ??a ?a ???ete t?? µet?ßas? a?t?? ?ste ?a ???ete ?et???? ?a? ???e???? a??a??? st?? d?at??f? sa?, t?? t??p? s?????, a??? ?a? st?? ??? sa? ?e????te?a. ? ?a??µe???? ??tas?, ?? ???µ?? t?? p????, ?? d?at??f???? µa? s????e?e?, ? ???e??? ?a?a??? ????????, ? pe?????sµ???? ?????? p?? d?a??t??µe ??a t?? ea?t? µa? µ?sa st? ???t??a t?? ?a??µe????t?ta? e??a? pa?????te? p?? d?µ???????? st?e?, ep?ßa?????? t? s?µa, t? ??? a??? ?a? t? d???es? µa?. ?p?f??t?ste t?? ea?t? sa? ?a? ap?t?????ste t? s?µa ?a? t? s???? sa?. ?pa?af??t?ste t? s?st?µ? sa? µe e????e?a ?a? s??de?e?te µe t? d??aµ? sa? ??a ?a ?p?de??e?te ??a? p?? d?µ???????? ?e?µ??a. Asanas, pranayama, meditation, ap?t?????t??? d?at??f?, vegetarian ?e?µata ap? t?? ???sta?t???, µe p??? ?a?? pa??a ?a? ?et??? d???es? se µ?a ?p????? t?p??es?a ! ???sf??ete st?? ea?t? sa? a?t? t?? µ??ad??? eµpe???a. more


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