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Yoga Teacher Training: The integretive Yoga Teacher Training Course
Kuala Lumpur 23 Jalan Damai Malaysia
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Yin&Scaravelli Yoga
The Integrative 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course March 3rd to 31st March 2014

Bringing together two powerful styles of Yoga

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to study an Integrated form of Yoga with the blending of 2 Unique style – SCARAVELI Inspired Yoga (Author of the book – Awakening the Spine ) & YIN YOGA to offer a comprehensive style that is healing, intelligent, powerful & deeply transformative.

The two techniques complement each other perfectly. While Yin Yoga works toward opening key areas of the body & awakening the subtle channels (nadis/meridians) through long held poses, the Scaraveli Inspired Yoga which can best be described as an effortless dance with breath and gravity is a Spine centered practice that leads to ‘freedom, Joy, lightness’, fluidity & depth whereby movement becomes meditation. transformative.

The strength of this program lies in the fact that it covers both the Yin & Yang aspects of Yoga to make for a complete practice – a practice that is deeply therapeutic, restorative & energizing.

The course will be taught by – Shilpa Ghatalia, Paddy Mcgrath & Sebastian Pucelle who will bring into the course over 20 years of practice/teaching experience

The aspect of Mindfulness in which one trains the mind to be present is common to both. Both systems emphasize the importance of moving from one’s natural innate intelligence rather than from a set of commands. Both take into consideration the unique anatomy of each individual & offer a system that is suitable to all body types. One is led to a practice that is closest to the natural blueprint of the body. By finding freedom in one’s spine one is freed on all levels -body, mind, emotions & spirit. This is experienced as a natural ‘homecoming’ & a sense of joy, ‘freedom’ & ‘aliveness’ that is unmistakable. The Benefit of Teaching

The Foundation Level Teacher Training can be a transformational time during which you will learn a tremendous amount, not only about Yoga, but also about yourself. The intensity of the course is conducive to strong personal development It will enable you to ‘live’ Yoga. It will provide you with the necessary knowledge & tools to make your own practice & teaching effective & rewarding.

The strength in teaching this method lies in the fact that while one teaches one reinforces the principles in oneself.

The practice will continuously grow & evolve with you & there is no end to its depth. By sharing it with others you will be deeply fulfilled by the transformation it will bring about in you & others! The Course to deepen your own practice

In the event you are not planning to teach you may use this course to intensify & deepen your own practice. If you have been practicing other styles of Yoga you will be able to feel the difference between a practice that involves muscles & one that is spine centered.

If you are working in and with other mind/body modalities you will be able to apply the fundamental principles to bring greater depth to your skills. As Yoga is an experiential science this course has the potential to bring about self-transformation. Moving from Within & Stilling the Mind

Our deepest potential on every level, be it body, mind & spirit lies in our Spine. Most Yoga being practiced today has become muscle oriented rather than spine oriented. It has become purely physical and technique oriented.

The ability to ‘allow’ movement to happen from the natural innate intelligence is missing. It has become centered around “doing” rather than “being”. It is mind oriented rather than heart oriented.

Yoga is about cultivating awareness and this is neglected as students are constantly made to follow external commands and move from techniques that have been passed from one to another. One’s uniqueness is not taken into consideration & the ability to “feel” & move from within is lacking.

This course is the joining of 2 powerful systems both of which directly target the stilling of the mind. The student simultaneously experiences the 8 limbs of Yoga, as movement becomes meditation. (See article about Vanda Scaraveli”When Movement becomes meditation”) Who should attend?

Those who are seeking out a practice, which is about moving from the spine & finding freedom in the spine. Those who are seeking a way to find their own individual way to real spinal freedom unfettered by styles or dogma. Those who are seeking the direct experience of stillness/meditation during Asana Practice Looking to understand the breath both scientifically & through pranayama & applying it to Asana & Meditation practice Seeking to teach & practice holistically incorporating the philosophy of Non-dualism into Yoga practice & one’s daily life Looking to study Anatomy & Physiology both in the context of western science & eastern traditional Chinese medicine Looking to study the Chakra & Meridian system in the context of the spine Working with the principles of Mindfulness Meditation & integrating it into every aspect of one’s life Looking to practice/teach a system that has been inspired by the great Yogi Vanda Scaraveli & Yin Yoga. Willing to move into a practice that is revolutionary & aims at awakening to one’s own intuition or ‘inner teacher’ For those seeking Certification:To join the Foundation Level Course, you are required to have attended regular yoga classes (any style of yoga) for at least one year*. Entry to the Course is by application only (see attached Application Form). One is required to attend the full course* We are an official Registered Yoga School 200 Hours with the Yoga Alliance (, and you may register your Yoga Teaching Certificate and use the letters R.Y.T. 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) after your name. When you obtain your teaching certificate, you will be registered on the ‘Certificated Teachers’ page of the Yogshakti website.

Those who have completed the 21Day course will be given 20 hours credit for every 21 Day course attended.For Japanese Speaking StudentsFor those who are not fluent in English, short summations of the TTC. Lectures and instructions in Japanese will be provided during the group discussion sessions.Attending the Course as a Part –time student & working toward a Teacher Training Certificate:As the course will be offered once again towards the end of the year those who are looking for a 200 hr certificate but can only attend part-time can complete unfinished modules before the end of the year to gain the RYT 200 hr certificate. Credits & Certificate of attendance will be given for modules attended.Drop-In’sStudents not looking for certification are allowed to drop in for morning practice sessions, which will be conducted from 7am to 11am Mon to SunThe Buteyko Breathing Course: It is helpful if one has attended the Buteyko breathing course prior to joining the Teacher Training Program. Although the method will be taught as part of the TTP it is recommended that you attend the course at least once before the start of the TTP. Start of the Course: Monday 3rd March to Monday 31st March

Time Table:

7am to 11 am – Asana, Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation

11am to 12pm: Lunch break

12pm to 3pm – Practice sessions, Philosophy, Teaching Methodology

Timings: Mon to Fri: 7am to 3pm

Sat & Sun : 7am to 11am

Full Course – Early bird: If fees are paid by Monday 3rd Feb 2014?Cost: Rm 6,500 (for those who have participated in at least two 21 Day courses)

Rm 7,000 (for those who have participated in one 21 Day Course)

Rm 7,500 (for those who have not participated in any 21 Day course)

Payment received after Feb 3rd 2014 add Rm200/ Individual modules/hours 50 hours with any one or combination of the 3 teachers- Rm 1,875/

Payment received after Feb 3rd 2014 add Rm100/

Drop-in sessions: 7am to 11am (asana, kriyas, pranayama & meditation) – Rm 185/- per 4 hour session.

To Register: Kindly fill up the application form by Fri 7th of Feb & email it to moc.itkahsgoy@aplihs

Details of the Course Modules An Integrated Practice with Shilpa Ghatalia – The Scaraveli inspired practice & Yin Yoga; Breathing, Philosophy, Meditation; Kriyas; Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation Time: 100 hours Date: 3rd to 6th March & 23rd to 31st March 2014 —————–

Yin Yoga with Sebastian Pucelle- Practice, Anatomy & Philosophy Time: 50 hours Date: 7th to 13th March

—————– The Scaraveli Inspired Practice with Paddy Mcgrath Time: 50 hours Date: 14th to 22nd March

7500 RM
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