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Yoga Retreat: Body Soul Movement Journey and Culinary Awakening
Sfakia Crete Greece
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During this exciting new course of self discovery and meeting with the world of sensations and, of course, with others just like us, from an authentic and joyful place within ourselves, Federica will be leading the morning Arising Light and afternoon Body-Soul Movement Therapy classes, while Joshua will be sharing his culinary insights in three Culinary Awakening classes!

The daily programme for each week will unfold as follows:

MORNING CLASSES: Arising Lightbody soul reflection time

On 6 days during each week, the 1.5 hour morning class, begins with silence and stillness, which helps us to enter into another state of consciousness and body presence. This state of being arises from the breath, and will guide us in a flow of experience that we can call yoga.

The class will include:



-walking in nature

-asanas (postures) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation)

The morning class helps the body and mind to smoothly transition from a state of sleep and dreams to being awake and active. It is a beneficial practice you can add to your morning to help you stay centered and focused during the busy day. We will learn different ways to celebrate life!

AFTERNOON CLASSES: Body-Soul Movement Therapy

Your Body and Soul are full of natural, spontaneous energy... vibration... intuition… and aliveness. There is no judgment or reaction, no expectation or guilt, and no past or future.

Through authentic, free movement in these 2 hour classes on 5 of each week’s afternoons, we will release the deep tension and limitations that block our freedom and vitality. We will shake off the mind’s heavy burden of past experiences and their associated judgments.

Through self expression, we will reach a new form of dialogue and union with ourselves. We will play with ourselves. We will challenge our ego and our comfort zone, light up our "story" and feel lighter.

Through dancing, singing, playing, breathing and touching we will feed the parts of our body and soul that we have buried, forgotten and ignored. In short, we will reveal and awaken their natural states of being.

The class will include:

-African dance

-contact improvisation

-bioenergetics exercises

-voice work

-breathing work


-physical theater


-self expression

In this journey there is no teacher and no technique to memorize. We are not here to learn any new theories. We have collected so many theories that our minds seem to have lost their ability to be alert, silent and open to pure creation.

This physical - emotional - mental journey to find your true self is your own pure creation. Federica will be your guide and hold an open space for you. In her words: “I’m here to remind you of your power. I’m here to offer you tools to get through mental and emotional traps. Together, we will find your inner Light and Clarity”.

COOKING CLASS: Culinary Awakening culinary magic

During each week there will also be 3 cooking classes with Joshua (preparing 2 lunches and 1 dinner) covering some of the local food, such as: dakos, stuffed peppers, aubergine salad, dolmathes, tzatziki, Greek salad and spanakopita. In these classes, we will not only learn how to cook, but we will also talk about basic macrobiotic qualities, different flavours and how to enjoy the pleasures of food.


About Federica

Federica's journey into the healing arts began while she was on a somewhat different path as a professional dancer. She didn't just decide to become a therapist, it came to her as the result of an introspective journey and living the body through dance. Federica grew up in Torino, Italy. She studied dance from a young age and eventually began to teach dance and other forms of movement to children. Her "awakening" journey began in Africa when she was 24 years old. What seemed to be an unfortunate dance accident put her into the care of a local shaman. There, her treatment went beyond the physical pain and began to help her heal from some heavy emotional traumas. It was a life changing experience - the beginning of a journey she has since drawn elements from to develop her healing abilities.

Federica was inspired to stay in Africa and learn the ways of shamanic healing. During that time of healing and learning, her dance practice slowly turned away from putting on a glamorous show in the name of entertainment. Instead, it turned inward to a self-healing, therapeutic movement. After 3 years in Africa, she returned to Europe and searched for a "recognized" healing technique that reflected what she had learnt from the shamans.

Federica rediscovered yoga. She found many benefits from the Ashtanga style and gradually developed her practice. She also studied several other styles of yoga. Through the physical flow of asanas, she found the healing aspect of movement. And, from the yoga philosophy, she encountered something deeper that would later lead her to meditation.

While developing her yoga practice, she also completed a massage course. Massage was an important aspect of the shamanic healing she had learned about, and it gave her a recognized therapy with which to treat others. Over the course of several years, Federica slowly developed and refined her style of massage. However, her shamanic-inspired bodywork is more than just a massage, and her clients have voiced overwhelming approval of her "style" by spreading the word to friends and family. Federica now has a strong and growing base of clients throughout Europe, Australia and the USA.

In her travels around the world, and with an interest in yoga, Federica found a 10-day Vipassana meditation course in India. That was another turn in her life and her process of healing. The environment of silence and the requirement of sitting for hours was anything but quiet and relaxing. Her mind and body tormented her as the pain came out in the process of healing. Those 10 days were just the beginning of an important journey into meditation.

In 2008, one of her massage clients, an osteopathic doctor, was so impressed with her work that he said she should teach people her massage technique. Then, he offered to organize a weekend workshop for her. She didn't know it then, but that weekend workshop about massage was the beginning of something even more important to her work as a healer because the participants gained so much from it - much more than massage. Realizing how much true and meaningful healing could happen, she continued holding workshops and refining her approach. The workshop has since transformed into Body-Soul Movement Therapy.

While developing her workshop, Federica began searching for a more profound healing technique that would complement her massage therapy. She found the answer in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and has since completed her two-year training. Through biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Federica has witnessed some amazing healing and gained a very favourable response from her clients.

Grateful to Life for her natural gift of healing, she will continue to nurture and develop her ability to help others in their journey of healing.

About Joshua

Originally from the Oregon, USA, Joshua attended the 2-year macrobiotic chef training program at the Natural Epicurean, and has further developed his chef skills by working at vegetarian, macrobiotic, yoga, dharma and raw food restaurants and centres around the world.


In between classes, guests will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters, quiet beaches and warm sunshine, receive a massage treatment from Federica, or explore the village and region. There is one free day during the week, on which there are no classes; we propose that you join a hike along the beautiful Aradaina gorge with our local guide Vangelis (25 EURO including transfers and light snack).

Accommodation is offered as always in our traditional stone house, while two home cooked vegetarian meals will be prepared and offered to you with care by Joshua (in addition to 2 lunches that you will be helping prepare!).

You can also visit Federica and Joshua's website, for more information on their classes and travels!

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