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Inspirational 200 hr Teacher Training - Exploring the full spectrum of yoga, including health, nutrition, personal development and creative expression. Main Teachers : Dory Walker & Sue Pendlebury. Guest Speakers : Satish Kumar, Barbara Wren & Manual Ponce

Course Overview

An inspirational and comprehensive training course which provides the first stepping stone in your teaching journey and qualifies you to begin teaching yoga professionally. The programme is also suitable for practitioners who may not be interested in teaching yoga but would like to take their own practice and knowledge to a deeper level. If you already teach you may simply want to use this course to enhance your skills and provide an opportunity to immerse yourself once again in practice and study.

We will be teaching traditional hatha yoga giving you a solid foundation from which you will develop your own teaching skills and methods. Alongside this will be workshops helping you find your confidence as a teacher and your own unique teaching style. There will also be a strong emphasis on nutritional health, which will come not only through teachings but also through experiencing a healthy diet whilst together for our 3 weeks in Italy. Workshops aiding our own personal development and creative expression will form an important part of the programme as will teachings on the history and philosophy of yoga.

Course Content

The course will deliver a comprehensive programme encompassing the full spectrum of yoga. The main course teachers, Dory Walker and Sue Pendlebury, will be supported by 3 inspirational guest speakers, Satish Kumar,Barbara Wren and Jose Manuel Ponce who will be with us during our 3 London weekends.

You will learn:

Yoga asanas and pranayama (practical and teaching methodology)

Meditation (practical and teaching methodology)

Anatomy and physiology (both physical and energetic)

Chanting and the power of mantra

Planning classes and structuring courses

Yoga philosophy (teachings and open discussions)

Nutrition and understanding the foundations of health

Cleansing techniques (shat kriyas)

Yoga ethics and lifestyle

Development of authentic self expression through fun and creative workshops

Confidence skills in voice projection, communication and compassionate understanding

Throughout the residential, participants will experience:

1. A daily yoga class

2. In-depth sessions focused on sequencing alignment and adjustments including vinyasa sequences of standing poses, forward bends, twists, back bends, inversions and balances etc

3. Study of the physical and energetic anatomy of the human body

4. Exploration and study of major yogic texts, including the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

5. Daily meditation practice and instruction on how to teach meditation to others

6. Practicing purifying and detoxifying hatha yoga kriyas

7. Exploring the relevance of yoga philosophy in today's society and yoga ethics, how to live a more effective, positive and harmonious life

8. Lessons in basic Sanskrit and pronouncing the asana names and mantras

9. Practices for creative self expression to develop confidence and authentic teaching

Traditional hatha yoga practices: Includes the progressive practice of traditional yoga techniques with emphasis on asana, pranayama, kriya, bandha, meditation and chanting Sanskrit mantras. During your personal practise classes, you will receive adjustments and corrections to help you improve and advance.

Teaching methodology: Includes qualities of a yoga teacher, ethics, how to observe, demonstrate, motivate, assist/correct, instruct, understand different teaching styles, how to set up and start your own yoga classes.

Teaching experience: Includes teaching practice in a class environment, observing, assisting, giving/receiving feedback in relation to teaching.

Anatomy & physiology: Study of the various major body systems and how they are affected by hatha yoga, including the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, skeletal and muscular systems and endocrine system. We will also be looking at the energetic anatomy of the human system including chakras and tattwas and how an understanding of these deepen and broaden our practice and effectiveness of teaching methodology.

Yoga philosophy & history: Origins of yoga, the evolution of yoga, yogic lifestyle. making the ancient practices relevant today. The four paths of yoga including - Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

Nutrition & health: What constitutes a yogic diet and the benefits, the three gunas, positive nutrition is not just about food, recipes and nutition and health suggestion for positive healthy living.

Keeping a spiritual diary: Throughout the course you will be given guidance of keeping a record of your practise and how this can help you progress along the path.

Assessment & certification: You are assessed throughout the course and will be required to submit various summaries of work in both written, oral and creative forms of presentation.

If you think this course is for you please read the course pre-requisites and fill in the application form. There will be a final assessment including practical teaching sessions and a written assessment at the end of the course. Graduates will receive a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teaching certificate.

Course Faculty - Main Teachers

Dory Walker

Teaching for 14 years, Dory has experienced the true spirit of yoga as transformational practice. She believes in the power of yoga to guide conscious evolution, individually and collectively. Certified to advanced level and teaching full time since 2001, Dory has trained with various yoga schools, amongst them Sivananda (traditional hatha Yoga), Satyananda (yoga nidra and meditation), Khrishnamakarya (Vedic Chant) and Donna Holleman (enlightened asana work), as well as studying yoga therapy with the Biomedical Trust. Through her own practice Dory has discovered that regular practice promotes effective, positive and healthy living and is inspired to help others establish a strong practrice in their own lives. She believes strongly in making the yoga (union) adventure joyful, keeping it light and remembering to laugh! Dory teaches classes, courses and private tuition around Bristol, the South West and London.

Sue Pendlebury

Sue is the director of Yoga on a Shoestring which she set up in 2003. She has been teaching yoga for the past 14 years. Her background is in music, dance and theatre. Whilst taking a break from theatre she discovered yoga and subsequently travelled around India, America, Bali and England training in all forms of yoga with many renowned yoga teachers. Over the years Sue has trained in other forms of bodywork and healing which she weaves into her teaching and practice. Sue's classes are enthused by her creative background creating a fun and joyful environment. Since being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 Sue has undergone her own deep and profound healing journey, which has now, after a 2 year sabbatical, bought her back to full and vital health. She hopes to be able to share some of the things she has experienced and learnt on her journey and believes that it will enrich her work as a facilitator and hopefully bring greater benefits to others.

Course Faculty - Guest Speakers

Satish Kumar

Satish is an internationally renowned speaker and author of many books including: Earth Pilgrim and No Destination. He is also Editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine.

Barbara Wren

Barbara has been a practising naturopathic nutritionist for over 40 years who has been teaching for more than 30 years. An inspirational speaker and author of: Cellular Awakening and Our Return to the Light: A New Path to Health and Healing.

José Manuel Ponce

José is a cranial-oriented osteopath and yoga teacher / trainer. Manuel has been practising and teaching yoga since 1980 and osteopathy since 1989 and has participated in numerous teacher training programmes. He runs yoga holidays and teacher training courses in the UK and Spain.

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