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Charles MacInerney - Yoga Teacher - Yoga Workshop
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Yoga Workshop: Charles MacInerney - hosted at Golden Triangle Yoga Studio Charles MacInerney - Yoga Teacher
Beaumont TX USA
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Hatha Yoga and Meditation
Charles MacInerney - Yoga Teacher
Beaumont, Texas – Yoga Workshops With Charles MacInerney Friday – Sunday, November 6-8, 2015

Sponsored by Golden Triangle Yoga Studio 229 Dowlen Suite 6A Beaumont Texas 77706 Phone: 1-409-861-0003

Denying the Status Quo in Yoga In our yoga practice, all too often, we mentally tune out. We are content with the pose as it is, and so we quit looking for improvement and our mind wanders. It often proves difficult to stay completely focused in the present moment while practicing yoga. When our practice slips into auto-pilot, we no longer receive the full benefits of our practice, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. We are likely over time to lose interest in our practice or worse yet injure ourselves. Denying the Status Quo is a simple technique to stay more fully engaged in your practice and results in greater progress and satisfaction. Rather than accepting an asana as it is, we deny our selves that luxury and force the question, if I had to change, would I go deeper or back off? In order to answer this question and act on it, we are forced to pay attention to our practice.

Yoga and the Science of Willpower Will is at the heart of what it is to be human. When ignored, willpower diminishes. Now modern science is discovering what Yoga has known all along… that willpower can be strengthened and controlled. Just 20 minutes of pranayama improves will power in clinical trials, and in as little as 11 hours of meditation over a few weeks led to measurable changes in brain structure leading to a variety of positive outcomes, including improvements in will power. This workshop uses these recent breakthroughs from the science of willpower to help explain how Yoga works, and to compliment and strengthen traditional yoga approaches to strengthening willpower.

Meditation and the 7 Chakras The 7 Chakras provide a profound model of human consciousness that dates back between three to five thousand years. By understanding this system we gain insights into our own consciousness and behavior and that of our friends and colleagues. But more importantly, the Chakra model provides a road map for our spiritual growth and evolution. This workshop will provide a solid overview of the psychological underpinnings of the chakras, show how modern psychology and medicine is built upon this ancient foundational model, and teach you meditation and pranayama techniques to help you begin to experience and crontrol your creative energy as it moves through the subtle channels of your body, and works it way up through the 7 chakras.

Inversions: Turning Yoga Upside Down Next to lotus pose, the inversions are probably to most important asanas in classical yoga. For millennia, yogis have urged their students to practice inverted poses and for good reason. The health benefits associated with inversions are significant. However, inversions are also the most dangerous asanas in yoga. This workshop will explore why, when, and how to safely practice inversions, from the simplest exercises, like ‘legs up the wall’, to mild inversions like Downward Facing Dog and Bridge. Then we will work our way up to more challenging poses like plough, shoulder-stand, headstand and handstands for those students that are ready. For those not ready for advanced inversions we will concentrate on preparatory poses to lay a good foundation for the future.

Sun Salutations This workshop will break down the traditional 12-step sun salutation into separate poses so that we can improve our understanding and ability to perform each pose. Then we will look at the transitions between poses, and explore several ways to help integrate the breath into the flow. We will also look at variations to make it more accessible to students with limitations and more challenging for those who want more challenge. Then we will put it all together into a vinayasa flow workout, where asana merges with pranayama to become meditation.

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