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Feeling Soul Good, the alchemy of Yoga and Sound - Advanced Yoga Training
Advanced Yoga Training: 300 hr chakra based Yoga Teachers Training Feeling Soul Good, the alchemy of Yoga and Sound
Balangan Bali Indonesia
April 5, 2015 to May 8, 2015
Yoga Style: Hatha + Vinyasa, Mantra, Pranayama, Nada yoga
Contact: Feeling Soul Good, the alchemy of Yoga and Sound
This advance training focuses more on the subtle body then advancing with Asana poses.

CHAKRAS & SUBTLE BODY: - Learn about the inner psychology the subconscious programming through the chakra system. Exploring one chakra for three days in theory and practical exercises. - The 5 koshas

- 5 major and 5 minor Prana Vayus.

- The endocrine system and the influenced is has with emotions, mind and body.

- Exercises for transforming energy blocks .

- How the chakras effect you mind and body relationship including the sound, element and spiritual lesson.

-Understand your dominant element and how to bring balance to the non dominant element.

ASANA: A mixture of hatha and vinyasa in relationship to the chakras. More focus on hatha based asana practice, meaning longer held poses, with breathe awareness.

ASANA METHODOLOGY: includes a detail break down of each pose covering the five main categories of standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions.How to safely go into and out of each pose, adjustments, modifications, foundation, alignment,symmetry and the benefits. Alignment, foundation, adjustment, benefits , contraindications,and modifications What physical system, gland, element and chakra is influenced with each pose.

Healing and Yoga

Physical Anatomy

Verbal and physical instruction flow Observation and Assistance Structuring and sequencing an asana class

Create and conduct a theme based classes

Cultivate sacred space

MEDITATION: Various meditation techniques given 45 min practice daily.

PRANAYAMA: One hour each day towards conscious breathing and pranayama practices. A total of nine selected common and not to common pranayama technique’s.

KRIYAS:The study and practice of Internal cleanses

BANDHAS: The study and practice of the 3 main locks in the body.Redirecting the inner prana.

MUDRAS: Finger mudras used in meditation, pranayama and asanas. Helps to preserve the pranic energy.

NADA YOGA:Utilize the power of sound, through Mantra/ Chanting / Vocal play. Learn the seed and petal sounds of each charka. Open and release blocks through the power of sound.

PHILOSOPHY:Study of the Bhagavad Gita & Yoga Sutras Yamas and Niyamas and how to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

YOGA NIDRA: Rotating conscious awareness. How to reprogram our subconscious in the state of Yoga Nidra.

SILENCE: All our breakfasts will be in silence. There will be selected days where all will be in silence aside from the teachers sharing in lectures. This encourages a preservation of energy and consciousness.

BUSINESS AND ETHICS: Going into the world of business and generating an income through teaching Yoga. Ethics and values of being a Yoga teacher, Marketing and advertising skills

TEACHING: The final practicum requires to teach a 2 hour yoga asana class or introduction on chakras. Through out the course you are required to share your knowledge of asana and theory.

ASSESSMENTS: There will be various assessments given through out the course to confirm your understanding the theory of the chakras.

EXTRAS: Sound healing journey’s Sacred ceremonies Conscious eating and lifestyle Blind fold exploration – Pratyahara withdrawal of the senses Yantra Yoga, learn about your life number through numerology


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