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Yoga Teacher Training: With-YinYoga Event
Bandung Bandung Indonesia
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Yin Yoga

YIN-YOGA has increased so much in popularity nowadays, finding naturally its place in the yoga world where Yang form of practice are prominent. During the past few years Sebastian & Murielle have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe, teaching YIN-YOGA workshops improving their teaching skills to unveil their Yin-Yoga Teacher Training Program which will empower you to share, demonstrate and instruct the Healing and Meditative practice of Yin-Yoga. Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the Yoga path. Come and join our Teacher Training Course to make a difference, balancing and improving your practice and teaching..


Practice the Meridian Series related to the 5 Elements (Using Asanas & Chinese meridians theory to revitalize body/organs)

Familiarize yourself with Meridian Tracing (Memorize the meridian’s location)

Learn the 5 Elements Qigong & Wuji Standing Meditation (The Taoist spiritual approach of well-being)

Build and Intensify your Ability to Concentrate (Merging Asanas, Pranayama and Dharana)

Progress towards an Absorption of the Mind (Developing Shamatha or the practice of meditative quiescence) Theory Traditional Chinese Medecine

Approach the Meridian System (The 12 Main meridians & their relation to the organs)

Look at the 5 Elements Theory (Generative & Controlling cycles)

Understand the Flow & Formation of Qi (Qi movement & different type of Qi)

Study Water-Wood-Earth-Fire-Metal Elements (Relation & Function of Zhang & Fu organs to each Elements)

Identify the 3 treasures of TCM (Jing/Physical, Qi/Energetic, Shen/Spiritual) Teaching Methodology

Acquire the Skill of Sequencing Yin-Yoga (Design class from an meridians point of view)

Define Ekagrata or One-Pointedness of Mind (Lead your practice & teaching with one intent) Philosophy

Exploring the 8 Limbs of Raja-Yoga (The spiritual path of Yoga)

Patañjali Analysis of Yoga (“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha” exposed)

Studying the 5 Hindrances to Meditation (The obstacles to meditation and how to overcome them)

Investigate the Shamatha Path (Concentration meditation and purification of the mind)

8.00000 Rph
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