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Advanced Yoga Training: Level 3 Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course Anahata Yoga - Yoga from the Heart
Hong Kong Hong Kong
November 27, 2015 to December 20, 2015
Various Yoga Traditions and Lineages (Ha
Anahata Yoga - Yoga from the Heart
The Level 1,2,3 Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course is for yoga practitioners interested in growing their knowledge of Hatha yoga and developing their techniques in executing various Hatha yoga poses. The course is divided into 3 levels, each of which focuses on basic and intermediate poses, their possible modifications and variations, and teaching and demonstration techniques. The aim of the course is to challenge practitioners to advance in their practice by exploring the limits of their body and overcoming them, as well as to develop their knowledge of the body in order to better understand every joint and muscle nuance in the poses. By the end of the course, participants shall be able to demonstrate the wide range of Hatha yoga poses, explain their possible modifications and variations, and demonstrate the steps required to achieve the pose.

Why should I learn advanced yoga postures? Isn't yoga about more than just postures?

Well said yoga is not just about postures, and postures make a tiny drop in the vast yoga ocean. But a healthy body is the foundation for everything, and practicing advanced yoga postures helps keep the body in its peak form. Postures are only considered advanced when the practitioner is not ready to do the pose, or if he/she has not yet been guided by a teacher on the basic steps to achieving the pose. Some people may never have done yoga before, but can execute a lotus pose without difficulty, while others cannot. In order to overcome our body limitations, certain postures first need to be modified and adapted according to the ability of each individual. Once the individual has shown progress in executing a pose with grace and accuracy, the instructor may modify the pose further; raising the level of difficulty and, therefore, advancing the level of technique demanded. This way, a person is constantly exploring and pushing the limits of their body, developing with it a deeper connection. Doing so keeps a person motivated and inspired in the practice.

Why should I take an advanced Hatha teacher training course at Anahata Yoga and not elsewhere?

The course director, Master Yogananth Andiappan, is a lifelong yogi who has practiced and taught yoga for over 25 years. Born to a family of yogis, Master Yogananth has been engaged in the discipline his entire life; he has won many International yoga titles and championships all throughout, and has taught students of various backgrounds. As a dedicated yoga practitioner, Master Yogananth can execute over 3,000 asanas (postures) and has invented many approaches to the same posture according to an individual limits and body type. While it is never too late to learn yoga, it is important that one teacher is an expert in the field that he is teaching. Yoga practitioners need more than good guidance and excellent demonstration skills to learn advanced yoga postures. They also need a good source of inspiration and motivation; a mentor who could guide them through every step of executing a pose, tap into the potential of their body, mind, and spirit, and draw out the best of their abilities. With a course director who has dedicated a lifetime to yoga, we are confident that such training and mentorship cannot be found elsewhere.

Why is the course divided into 3 levels?

Levels 1 and 2 of the course are of the same level of intensity, but focus on different practical and theoretical aspects of advanced Hatha yoga. Level 1 covers theory on Hatha yoga, its origins, literature, and a variety of poses: standing, seated, front bends, back bends, twisting, inversion, and balancing. Level 2, on the other hand, covers theory on other aspects of Hatha yoga, such as Pranas, Koshas, and Thirumoolar Ashtanga Yoga, as well as the poses in their different variations. Level 3, meanwhile, is focused on students who have shown an outstanding level of skill and dedication throughout Levels 1 and 2, and is thus taught by invitation. In Level 3, students learn the teaching techniques of postures taught in the first two levels, as well as Partner Yoga variations, Rope Yoga, Chair Yoga, and the art of demonstration. Students also learn to sequence poses, teach an advanced Hatha yoga class, and develop a class theme that focuses on various levels. As the final level in this series of training, Level 3 prepares students as Advanced Hatha Yoga Teachers

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