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Yoga Event: 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training         
Location: Portland OR USA
Dates: January 3, 2015  to January 17, 2015
Dates: January 26, 2015  to March 16, 2015
Contact: The Lotus Seed        
Yoga Event Cost: $2500.00
Oregon Yoga Teacher Planning Yoga Retreat to Mexico
Yoga Event: Purposeful Yoga Retreat in Mexico         
Location: Troncones area Mexico Mexico
Dates: February 21, 2015  to February 28, 2015
Contact: Practically Enlightened You        
Yoga Event Cost: $1400
Yoga Event: Restoring Your Spirit Yoga Retreat         
Location: Punta Mita Riveria Nayarit Mexico
Dates: March 1, 2015  to March 7, 2015
Contact: Adena Tryon        
Yoga Event Cost: $1775.00